Assassin"s Creed Unity is due this November, and also it"s looking HOT. Within the game, you"ll be able to customise your very own Arno--the protagonist--through all manner of sophisticated troindividuals, sinister hoods, and man-stabbing weaponry. To provide you a taste of that, Ubisoft has developed a website that allows you produce your own Arno right currently. You deserve to head over, choose all his gear, and also share him with the civilization. The 1,400 best user-created Assassins will certainly appear in the game"s TV advertising, yet... we"ve teamed up with Ubisoft to sell readers a one-of-a-kind treat.

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One lucky reader will win a custom-made figurine of their own Assassin. This is a money-can"t-buy piece of AC merchandise, and also you have the right to just win it via this site. On top of that four runners-up (and the winner) are guaranteed to get their developed Assassin in the TV advert! So what perform you should do?

- Head over to the Assassin"s Creed Unity website and produce your very own Arno. Be creative!

- Register your Assassin via Facebook, and you"ll obtain a unique profile URL. It"ll look a bit prefer this.

- Copy that code and also paste it in the comments listed below. Don"t issue, it won"t generate a live attach, but we"ll still have the ability to follow it. We"ll then follow the attach to choose the winner!

- All entries need to be submitted by 24 July, at 4pm GMT.

The figurine competition is only available to our UK readers, but US and also Rest of World readers can still create their own Assassins and share them with us! You may still obtain a slot in the Unity TV ad... We will inform the winner on 25 July. Non-winners will certainly not be contacted. and Ubisoft reserve the right to use any type of imagery generated via the AC Unity unite website as they view fit.

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