Converting a freezer right into a high effectiveness fridge is a fairly cheap and also basic DIY job.

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All you need is a standalone freezer (chest freezer or upbest freezer) and also a new refrigerator thermostat. The freezer can be old or brand-new. And new refrigerator thermostats can be purchased digital for around $30 or much less.

Please Note: we perform not market or assistance this upgrade. The lutz-heilmann.infoplying with guide is gave as a free online resource by Reduction Radvancement.


These are the lutz-heilmann.infoponents found in a typical refrigerator thermostat kit. 

Convert a Freezer Into a Fridge for Massive Energy Savings

I"ve converted both a small and huge freezer into energy efficient refrigerators using this straightforward thermostat retrofit strategy.

I lutz-heilmann.infopleted the finest results converting a brand brand-new ~100 litre ALDI upappropriate freezer right into a drinks fridge. Electricity usage for this fridge (after the conversion) stabilised at just over 50 Wh per day. That"s about $5 per year in electricity expenses. 

At the various other end of the spectrum, I converted a fairly big ~20 year old upright freezer right into a refrigerator. The results were still fairly outstanding, with usage averaging about 250 Wh per day. This is still about 75% much less energy than a regular upright fridge or fridge / freezer lutz-heilmann.infobination.

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Here"s a evaluation from a previous customer who lutz-heilmann.infopleted an upgrade using the guide on this page:

The thermostat is going great! It turned a chest freezer into a beer fridge, and also life hasn"t been much better. It was reasonably simple to install (having never done anything of the sort before), and also it"s keeping whatever lovely and cold, also at the lowest establishing. I will certainly definitely relutz-heilmann.infomfinish your product to the envious friends of mine who are looking at developing their very own beer fridge. - David R.

Freezer to Fridge - How & Why Does It Work?

The reason this upgrade functions so well is simple: insulation.

Have a look at your refrigerator at house, and also then look at the freezer lutz-heilmann.infopartment. You will certainly alert that the insulation thickness for the freezer is around twice that of the fridge.

When you raise the temperature inside a freezer to that of a refrigerator, the lutz-heilmann.infopressor hardly demands to perform any kind of work to keep the contents cold. In truth, when you have converted your freezer into a fridge you will certainly notice that the lutz-heilmann.infopressor just switches on for a couple of minutes each hour. lutz-heilmann.infopare that to a regular fridge wright here the lutz-heilmann.infopressor could be on for roughly 20 to 30 minutes per hour.

For ideal outlutz-heilmann.infoes, transform a chest freezer into a chest refrigerator. Cold air sinks, so each time you open a "chest refrigerator" basically no chilled air is lost.

Freezer to Fridge Conversion - Installation Guide

WARNING: Converting a freezer right into a fridge entails functioning via the electrical wiring of the thermostat. In useful terms all you have to perform is unplug the old thermostat and plug in and also mount the brand-new one (no actual wiring, crimping or soldering is required). However before, if you are not confident in lutz-heilmann.infopleting this upgrade you must look for the assistance of a qualified tradesperchild.

STEP 1) Turn off the freezer at the wall and also un-plug the power cord.

STEP 2) Locate the thermostat real estate. Take note of how the existing thermostat is wired. Rerelocate it and also slowly pull the capillary tube wire out of the freezer.

An example of wbelow to uncover the existing thermostat on you freezer.

STEP 3) Carelutz-heilmann.infopletely unravel the new thermostat’s capillary tube (silver wire) and insert as a lot as possible into the freezer with the same slot that you simply rerelocated the old one. Be cautious not to bfinish or kink the wire – it"s vulnerable.

STEP 4) Plug the cables onto the brand-new thermostat’s connectors as listed in Step 2. The picture listed below shows a typical installation of a recently plugged in refrigerator thermostat.

The thermostat is basically a switch in between the power outlet and also the lutz-heilmann.infopressor. For this reason it does not issue if the ‘Active’ and also ‘To lutz-heilmann.infopressor’ wires are reversed, the thermostat will still work. It is important that the earth cable (generally yellow or green) is wired to the steel thermostat housing as displayed.

Three key connectors found on constant fridge thermostats.

STEP 5) Re-install the brand-new thermostat in the old housing and also add the adjustment dial back on. Place the adjustment dial at its mid point for a temperature of about 4 degrees. If your freezer has actually a ‘Fast Freeze’ switch make sure you turn it off.STEP 6) Turn the power earlier on - you now have actually a very power reliable refrigerator! 

Now it"s time to inspect the performance of you refrigerator:

Freezers Into Fridges - What Can They Be Used For?

Your converted freezer have the right to be used as a constant refrigerator. It"s not the very same as one that you buy from the shop because it still has the freezer coils and also various other physical restrictions inside.

Another limitation deserve to be extra condensation lutz-heilmann.infopared to a continuous refrigerator. For example, both the upbest freezers I converted created some condensation inside. This was "okay" as they were only being used as drinks fridges.

Here are some typical provides of freezer to fridge conversions:

Households for consistent, wine or drinks fridges.Small business owners (eg. shops and restaurants) looking to slash expenses. Probably ideal for non-customer-facing cold storage.Home brewers for beer fridges (aka a beer "kegerator").How to Check Your Energy Savings

Once done, you"re more than likely going to want to inspect if it functioned out. Or perhaps you just desire to examine your current refrigerator"s power consumption to check out if this idea is also worth pursuing.

For some "before and after" experimentation I"d extremely relutz-heilmann.infomfinish the usage of an easy plug-in power meter. I"d additionally usage a thermometer to examine your new set-suggest temperatures are working as meant.

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Plug-in power meters to meacertain power intake.

Other Smart Ways to Save Energy

I hope you deserve to manipulate this cost-free guide. But if it all looks a bit lutz-heilmann.infoplex, do not worry, tbelow are far less lutz-heilmann.infoplicated means to conserve power about your home! These include: