Consequence has actually revealed that has actually was diagnosed via lupus. The rapper damaged the news on Monday (Sept. 28), throughout a Zoom listening session for his new EP, Things Are Different Now,Hip-Hop DX reports.

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The 43-year-old father sassist that he felt sick earlier in the year and also feared that it may be COVID-19. He was officially diagnosed through lupus in June.

Cons, who additionally has actually Type II diabetes, credits his 9-year-old boy, Caiden, with encouraging him to press forward. On Thursday (Sept. 30), Cons posted a throwback photo from his son’s birthday party and also opened up about the simultaneous fight of lupus and also diabetes, and also the negative comments that he obtained on the photo.

“I was body shamed once I posted this pic on 8.17.20. I was 113 and some a**holes shelp I looked like ‘an old junkie,’” he composed. “Lupus + Diabetes has actually been kicking my ass for months right but…oddly sufficient I was gaining much better as weeks before that I was 105 and my sugar remained in the 500’s from being on steroids. But I was figured out to wish my kid happy birthday bereason, as you deserve to view, it could have been the last time. God’s will is God’s will. This is my story and also I’m tell it my method.”

“Wait till you view me in a picture now,” he included.

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I was body shamed as soon as I posted this pic on 08.17.20 I was approx 113 lbs And some asshole sassist I looked prefer “an old junkie” Lupus + Diabetes had actually been kicking my ass for 7 months directly But… Oddly sufficient I was gaining better as 2 weeks before that I was 105 lbs and my sugar was in the 500’s from being on Steroids But I was figured out to wish my boy
caiden817 Happy Birthday Due to the fact that, as you deserve to check out, it might have been the last time God’s will certainly is God’s will certainly This is my story and I’m tell it my way… Wait till you check out me in a picture now 💰💰💰 #ThingsAreDifferentNow

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He also mutual another heartwarming photo with his son, and one alongside Kanye West, which he captioned in part: ‘Me and my brother Kanye…Thank you for helping me fight for my life.”

caiden817 was simply happy to have his Daddy ago Caiden encouraged me daily to fight for my Life He never before said anything out loud but I understand he was scared that I wouldn’t make it… I Love You With ALL My Heart Son ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for being You #ThingsAreDifferentNow

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Me and my brvarious other, Kanye… Thank You For Helping Me Fight For My Life TIME 2 RUN IT UP LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO #ThingsAreDifferentNow

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An estimated 1.5 million Americans endure from the autoimmune disorder which affects the joints, kidneys, blood cells, skin, brain, lungs, and also heart. Toni Braxton, Trick Daddy, and Nick Cannon are just a couple of recording artists that have actually spoken on battling lupus. Legendary hip-hop producer J. Dilla passed away from the disease in 2006.






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