“There’s a factor why we’re at the peak of the game,” McGregor tells Irish fans. “Because of me and because of you.”



AS BIG AND as brash as ever before, Conor McGregor reminded the entire UFC that he is the king after making history as the organisation’s first simultaneous two-weight champion.

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McGregor put on an exhibition in Madiboy Square Garden as he stopped Eddie Alvarez in the second round to case the lightweight title.

“I’ve spent a lot of time slaying everyone in the firm,” an ecstatic McGregor told Joe Rogan in the Octagon as his momentous victory sunk in.

“Backstage I’m starting fights via everybody. I’ve ridiculed everyone on the roster.

And I’d just favor to say from the bottom of my heart, I’d prefer to take this possibility to apologise… to absolutely nobody. The double champ does what the fuck he wants!

UFC legends Randy Couture and BJ Penn formerly won titles at multiple weights however till tonight, once McGregor included the lightweight belt to his featherweight one, nobody had actually been champion of two divisions at the very same time.

And McGregor blasted UFC bosses for not having his second belt on hand instantly.

“Wbelow the fuck is my second belt? I’ve already obtained this one.

Where’s the second one at, cheap motherfuckers? $4.2 billion this agency was sold for. Where’s that second belt? Go backphase and also grab that motherfucker.

“I already won and also they’re trying to take that one on me already. What the fuck?”

He added: “They must have actually had both those belts ready and spit-shined for me. It’s never been done before.”

On a historical night, McGregor shelp that he remained in no way surprised at the ease through which he dispatched Alvarez.

The defending champion was dropped three times by McGregor in a dominant initially round and also when the finish came after 3:04 of the second, it had lengthy seemed inevitable.

“They’re not on my level,” he shelp.

“You’ve acquired to have dimension, reach, length – you’ve gained to have some characteristics. If you come in any kind of method equal to me, I’m going to rip your totality head off and that’s it. I’ve done it eexceptionally time.

Eddie’s a competitor, he’s a warrior, however he shouldn’t have actually been in right here via me and that’s the truth of it.

The UFC’s deyet in New York given that the legalisation of combined martial arts in the state previously this year shattered documents, with its gate figure of $17.7m a brand-new high for both the UFC and the iconic Madiboy Square Garden venue.

McGregor was quick to pay tribute to the travelling Irish fans that once aobtain turned out in their thousands to support him.

“Thanks everyone for coming out. I fucking love every one of you, I swear to god. You’ve travelled the human being with me.

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There’s a factor why we’re at the top of the game — bereason of me and because of you — and also I love eextremely single among you.

Conor McGregor stops Eddie Alvarez to win UFC lightweight title and also make history

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