Beautiful video stripper Karrine Steffans explains in riveting detail her increase to fame as the female star of videos in the late 90"s, beforehand 2000"s. Karrine explains her harrowing childhood growing up in St. Thomas as the daughter of a mentally ill, abusive woman that appeared to despise her very own daughter. With her grandmommy as her only ally, Karrine"s childhood was marked by her father"s lack, her mother"s cruelty and her own negative self-perception. When Karrine"s mommy moves to the States and leaves the island of St. Thomas, Karrine loses her grandmother"s loving affect and also is subjected to even more abuse by her mother. As a teenager, Karrine is brutally raped and is unable or unwilling to report the attacker or attend to the rape. After an especially harrowing beating at the age of fifteenager, Karrine runs amethod and creates a life for herself ameans from her monstrous mom. Although a beautiful girl, Karrine has actually been filled with negative thoughts by her mom, who told her she was ugly her entirety life. Out on her own, Karrine starts realizing the value of her beauty and also luscious number. When a boyfriend"s mommy introduces Karrine to stripping, Karine realizes that with her distinct pole dancing abilities she can make thousands per week. Karrine"s life takes a rotate for the worse when she meets rapper Cool G Rap and also impulsively marries him at 19. Cool G Rap is abusive to Karrine and also when aobtain she serves as someone"s punching bag. After giving birth to her kid and after enin the time of numerous years of domestic violence, infidelity and verbal abuse, Karrine leaves her husband and begins her climb to fame. Click here to view the remainder of this review

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Karrine starts auditioning for videos and makes a name for herself in the hip hop civilization as a result of her beauty, sexy physique and her reputation for being outrageous in the video. While the other video girls stayed on the sidelines, Karrine mingles with the rap stars and engages in relationships with them. When Karrine meets legendary rapper Ja Rule she stars in several of his videos and engages in a tumultuous and sizzling affair through him. Although Karrine falls head over heels in love through Ja Rule, she discovers that he has actually a secure woman in his life that is the mom of his children. It is a tough leskid for Karrine, yet she realizes that her looks, body and sex appeal deserve to analyze into dollars. The legendary men that she entails herself through are very generous via their money, if not their time. Thstormy the years Karrine becomes affiliated via Shaquille O"Neal, rocker Fred Durst, actor Vin Diesel, Jay Z, singer Ray J, Ice T, Irv Gotti, DMX, Usher, P.Diddy and many type of others. Karrine"s life starts to escalate out of manage as she straddles the line in between a legitimate actress in a Vin Diesel movie to a womale who sells her body to the highest possible bidder in order to continue to be afloat. Confessions of A Video Vixen is a cautionary tale, filled via sadness and tragedy, despair and triumph.
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Plot & Themes

job/profession: - modelJob/profession/poverty story - YesTaboo Sex Story? - YesKind of sex: - really kinky sexPeriod of biggest activity? - 1950+

Subject of Biography

Gender - FemaleProfession/status: - actor/actress/producerEthnicity - BlackNationality - American


How a lot descriptions of surroundings? - 6 ()United States - YesThe US: - Northeast - CaliforniaMisc setting - Fancy MansionCentury: - 1980"s-Present

Writing Style

Book renders you feel? - thoughtfulGraphic sex in book? - YesWhat sort of sex: - descript. of nude males (the significant P) - rape/molest - licking - orgies - impregnation/remanufacturing - demanuscript. of female anat. (the substantial B"s) - actual summary of hetero sex - descript. of female anat. (the big V)If this is a kid"s book: - Age 16-AdultPictures/Illustrations? - A lot in shade 11-15How a lot dialogue in bio? - significantly more demanuscript than dialogHow much of bio concentrates on many famous period of life? - 51%-75% of book

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