he partly completed​ fish-bone chart. Match each letter in the chart through the matching heading. Letter Heading A Material B Machinery C Methods D Manpower Match each number in the chart via the equivalent reason. Number Reachild I ▼ Poor or no food Reading light not working Poor relationships Need more attendants II ▼ Poor connections Reading light not working Poor or no food Need even more attendants III ▼ Need more attendants Reading light not functioning Poor or no food Poor relations IV ▼


B: Machineries

Lighting is not running,tright here appears to be an worry through the mechanical devices and the chairs are as well tight so there"s no leg room.

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C: Methods

The absence of adequate preparation and methods or processes outcomes in delay of trip and also negative communication is the difficulty due to the lack of optimized or structured process.

D: Man Power

Scarcity is the factor why not sufficient ticket agents to concern tickets and also regulate the queue and also also not sufficient traffic police to manage and also track the procedure.

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What perform we hope to capture within a confidence interval?
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The confidence interval is an interval estimate for a parameter worth which gives an estimated selection of worths which is most likely to encompass an unwell-known populace parameterAt least 90% of (a huge series of) 90% confidence intervals will include the unrecognized true values of the parameters.We use this interval to determine the probcapacity that the confidence interval produced will contain the true parameter value
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It is widespread for superindustries to lug both generic (store-label) and brand-name (producer-label) ranges of sugar and also various other p


a. Do these choices exhilittle bit a diminishing marginal price of substitution?

no, bereason the customer is actually purchasing a greater amount of goods, the only difference is that they are paying a reduced price.

Assume that this customer has $24 of inpertained to spfinish on sugar, and also the price of store-brand sugar is $1 per pound and the price of producer-brand sugar is $3 per pound.

The consumer will certainly purchase 24 pounds of price of keep sugar ssuggest because the price is much lower, not because he/she wants to consume much less. Actually a reduced price can bring about an increase of usage.

b. How a lot of each form of sugar will certainly be purchased?

If the consumer is willing to spfinish the entirety $24 on sugar, he/she will purchase 24 pounds of save brand sugar. The alternate is to buy 8 pounds of producer brand sugar, and also that is not an excellent deal.

c. How would certainly your lutz-heilmann.info adjust if the price of store-brand sugar was $2 per pound and also the price of producer-brand also sugar was $3 per pound?

The consumer would certainly purchase 12 pounds of keep brand sugar rather of 24, however he/she will certainly still not purchase producer brand sugar because the distinction in price is still too high. Remember that consumers view both kinds of sugar as perfect substitutes, so they will purchase the brand with the lower price.

lutz-heilmann.info: Dividend yield is 7.875%,