As Night of Champions approached, more and also more wrestling fans seemed to think that John Cena would walk out of Boston as the WWE champion. 

While that kinda-sort-virtually happened, it was CM Punk that actually wound up retaining his title and also extending what has actually end up being among the longest WWE Championship reigns in background. 

I constantly believed that Punk would win tonight and also head right into October holding the title that he’s held given that November 2011. I just meant him to usage the help of Paul Heyguy to perform so. 

Instead, it was a highly controversial complete in which both Punk and also Cena’s shoulders were on the mat that led to Punk leaving Boston the method he entered the city—through the WWE title about his waist. 

The not-so-clean end up shouldn’t really have come as a surpclimb to anyone, though, because it just confirms what many of us currently knew anyway: That the feud in between Punk and also Cena will certainly continue. 

Regardmuch less of the outcome of Punk versus Cena at Night of Champions, this feud was constantly going to last well past tonight’s pay-per-check out. If Cena won, Punk would gain his guaranteed rematch at following month’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-check out. If Punk won, it more than likely wouldn’t be clean, and also he’d have to protect the title versus Cena aacquire, likely at Hell in a Cell. 

It now appears as if we’re gaining the latter scenario. 


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With Punk currently a full-fledged heel, it’s not precisely shocking that this is the method points are playing out. Heels seldom win cleanly in the WWE these days, and also Punk is proof of that. 

He’s organized the WWE Championship for about 10 months now, and also up until Night of Champions, he only had actually one title defense that finished in rather shady fashion—as soon as he beat Daniel Bryan at Over the Limit in May.

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But the first time (of his current title reign) that Punk’s a full-blown heel deffinishing his WWE Championship on pay-per-view, he suddenly hregarding luck out to pick up the victory over Cena. No surpclimb there. 

I don’t think anyone really meant Punk to pin Cena clean for the 1-2-3 tonight, and although I wasn’t crazy around the complete of the match, it didn’t make Punk look as weak as it could have.

Punk is still, in truth, the WWE champion, and also what we currently knew (that this feud would continue) was simply evidenced at Night of Champions, through only the variables changing. 

The WWE Championship is still around Punk’s waist, and now, the story only gets much better from here on out bereason many fans will certainly feel as if Cena “deserves” to be champion. In revolve, that will certainly add some more heat to this feud and also help Punk evolve into an even bigger heel than he’s already end up being in such a brief expectancy. 

That’s what the WWE’s goal below should be anyway: To turn Punk right into the company’s bona fide height heel while at the same time producing an intriguing storyline via Cena chasing him for the belt. 

Had Cena won the title tonight in true “Super Cena” fashion, Punk’s momentum would have actually been damaged, and tbelow wouldn’t have been a lot to perform to salvage this story. 

Instead, Punk continues to be more heel-like week by week, and also his rivalry via Cena gets extfinished also longer than many type of of us assumed it would certainly last. 

At the exceptionally least, Cena is going to difficulty Punk once aobtain at Hell in a Cell, and also odds are that the enhance won’t be the last PPV enrespond to in between the 2. Cena/Punk might incredibly well dominate the WWE until Survivor Series and possibly for the remainder of 2012. 

And as long as it doesn’t end up being as boring as Sheamus versus Alberto Del Rio, I’m dvery own with that.

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Drake Oz is a WWE Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter!

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