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When civilization think of Beale Street, frequently they think of the booze, dancing and also general debauchery that takes place on Memphis’ most well known street. Before the sunlight sets on the Bluff City, there’s a totality various other civilization of food, fun and culture to take in that doesn’t have actually a minimum age requirement of 21.

The survival pointer for underage Memphians headed to Beale is to gain there prior to they begin carding (commonly around suncollection on the weekends) because despite all-eras venues and also events, it have the right to be tough to acquire close to your location. Here are 10 areas to go, eat and also party if you"re not 21: 1. Hard Rock Cafe (315 Beale St.) The Memphis place of the national chain supplies lunch and also dinner and serves as a live music venue. Memphians of all eras deserve to eat seven days a week and occasionally, the Hard Rock"s stage will certainly host an all-eras present. 2. B.B. Kings Blues Club & Grill (143 Beale Street) Open for lunch, dinner, shopping and late-night partying, BB Kings doesn’t begin carding till later on in the evening. For live music, sheight by on Sundays in between lunch and dinner. Their finish list of live mirrors is below. 3. Silky O’Sullivans (183 Beale Street) Silky’s is so underage friendly, they offer a kids’ food selection. They’ve acquired a substantial outdoor patio and the occasional live show in the time of the early evening. Silky’s food selection provides a unique blfinish of barbecue, Irish cuisine and Cajun dishes. They execute come to be 21 and up at night. 4. Blues City Cafe (138 Beale Street) Blues City Cafe is open up to hungry folks of all eras, and their menu functions southern favorites favor barbecue ribs, southern fried catfish, broiled steak and also atypical treats like homemade tamales. They’ve obtained a kids’ menu and nightly live music. 5. Memphis Music (149 Beale Street) Open seven days a week, this blues-hefty record keep uses a arsenal of CDs, cassettes, videos, DVDs, gifts and apparel in genres ranging from blues and also gospel to timeless rock and jazz. 6. Tater Red’s Lucky Mojo"s (153 Beale Street) Instantly gain a small cooler by preventing into Tater Red’s for every one of your voodoo and also Mardi Gras requirements. They additionally have a pretty exceptional arsenal of music memorabilia. They’re late risers, opening at noon daily. 7. Blues City General Store (144 Beale Street)

Blues City General Store is complete of kitschy memorabilia and souvenirs ranging from Elvis to Betty Boop and I Love Lucy. Need an Elvis souvenir to take home? They have actually you extended. They’re open seven days a week from 9 a.m. -1 p.m. 8. FedExForum (191 Beale Street)
The house of both the Tigers and also the Grizzlies, the greatest arena in Memphis likewise hosts concerts and also distinct occasions. Bonus: they have their own parking garages. 9. Beale Sweets Sugar Shack 
If you have actually any type of kind of sweet tooth, this vintage-style candy shop has you spanned. Their speciality is house-made fudge in even more than a dozen spices, plus old-fashioned candy barrels giving eextremely sort of sugary treat. 10.

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Ernest Withers Collection & Museum
The prolific Memphis photographer that documented the Civil Rights activity and more, travellers of all ages deserve to experience the world-changing occupational of Ernest Withers at the family-run museum on Beale Street. Some subject issue might be inappropriate for young kids.