“We’re hitched!”

Wedding bells rang this weekend forAre You The One?coupleClinton Moxam andUche Nwosu!

The couple— that met while filming the 6th seachild of theMTV fact show in 2017— acquired married on Saturday in Chicearlier. The nuptials were attfinished by ‘AYTO’ alum Malcolm Drummer,Anthony Martin, Nicole Spiller, Aliusing Hunter, Zoe Pugh, andKam Williams.

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Leroy Garrett ofThe Challenge also made an appearance.

One day after the wedding, Clinton posted a sweet message to his brand-new bride on Instagram.

“Thank you for picking me, give thanks to you for loving me, give thanks to you for being you,” he wrote to Uche. “I love you, I’m the luckiest male to have ever before existed on this earth. People will certainly never have the ability to understand also your strength, just how a lot you put up with and the methods in which you have absolutely changed my life. ⁣Let’s construct this life together and enable the blessings to rain dvery own as they always have actually. I love you Perfect ⁣#MoxMetHisMatch”

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Uche likewise expressed her post-wedding sentiments to Clinton using Instagram.

“To understand you is to love you, to be with you is a privilege, and also to be your wife is the biggest honor of my life,” she composed. “I love you and also I can’t wait to spfinish forever before via you .This previous weekend has felt favor a dream. So completely grateful for every one of our friends and household who joined us in celebrating us, we feel so blessed.”

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Uche— who wore a number of gowns throughout the festivities— additionally posted footage and also photos of the bouquet toss, the first dance and also her and Clinton sharing a bite of their wedding cake.

“It’s the friends and also family members for me!” she composed. “This day wasn’t only about us, but likewise about the people that have made us (and proceed to make us) that we are today. My heart is so complete.”

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Clinton and Uche acquired engaged in June 2020, almost 3 years to the day they met on ‘Are You The One?’

As fans of ‘Are You the One?’ may remember, Clinton and Uche gone into the Truth Booth in the time of Week 5 of their season, just to learn they werenot a “perfect match.”At the finish of the seakid, Clinton’s “perfect match” was revearesulted in beGeles Rodriguezand also Uche’s wasJoe Torgerson.

‘Are You The One?’ has actually produced a number of effective couples over its eight periods. In enhancement to Uche and also Clinton, three other couples from the present are still together.Ethan DiamondandAmber Leeof Seakid 1 have been married since 2014 and also are theparents of two daughters.

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Seachild 2’sCurtis HadzickiandJenni Knapmillerare still together, as areCali TreppandTomas Buenos. Several other couples from the show remajor together as well.