My husband also Paul is a substantial Looney Tunes fan, and among the cartoon quotes that gets tossed around fairly regularly in our house comes from the Southern computer mouse that declares, “I love cheese, really I execute.” Really, we execute. So when I had actually the possibility to attfinish a Wisconsin cheese and Great Lakes Beer pairing dinner funded by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board and Chef Brandt Evans’ brand-new restaurant, Pura Vida, I jumped at the chance. I was not disappointed!

Chef Evans’ brand-new restaurant on Public Square in downtown Cleveland was a

wonderful setting for the dinner, through two long tables set out for invited bloggers and also dinner guests aprefer. Greeting us was an amazing variety of cheese and accompaniments to obtain our palates wequipped up for what was to come.

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Among those present was Sid Chef of Carr Valley Cheese, the most award-winning cheesemaker in the United States. I had actually a couple of moments to chat with Sid at dinner, and I asked him outright, did he think cheese pairs ideal through wine or beer? I wasn’t surprised to hear his response.

“Really, it goes much better through beer,” shelp Sid. “Think of a really nice beer/cheddar soup, that’s always great. If you look at how points grow–bacterias, flora, yeast–and also what things flourish in what areas–you’ll view that beer and cheese pair well together. The terroir of the land also contributes to this. Wisconsin was a famous hop-flourishing location for many type of years, and also I love how hops and also cheese enhance each various other.”

And so we dove right into the meal, which was an impressive range of cheese and also beer pairings that verified Sid’s point. First came a tray of three bite-sized grilled cheeses: aged one year, 6 years and also 10 years–and also paired via a slice of green apple on the first, bacon on an additional and also prosciutto on the last. Each taste was even more delicious than the last, and also the sharpness of the Dortmunder Gold through the melty sandwiches was the perfect accompaniment.

The second course was barbecued duck confit nachos, offered through Pura Vida queso, and a Great Lakes Rapid Red Ale. That was the best tailgating combo I can probably think of, if you take place to prefer nachos and also beer. It was the initially time I’d ever before tried the Rapid Red, which have the right to only be uncovered on tap at the Great Lakes restaurant on rare occasions.

Next off up was my favorite course, so warming and well-off I understand I moaned. Chef

Evans’ house-made bratwurst stuffed through soft babsence garlic was served atop a creamy polenta, made even more creamy by the Carr Valley Airco Mixed Milk Cheese. This was topped with wild forged mushrooms in a silky veal stock and also offered via the Great Lakes Oktoberfest. This dish personified autumn. My photo looks a little pinkish–which was due to the altering overhead lighting in the restaurant. It produced great ambiance, yet not-so-excellent image taking!

The fourth course was a beef tongue and parsnip tartlet, served through topping of caraway brick cheese and a Burning River Pale Ale. Anvarious other nice loss pairing. The tongue had actually a little bit of the taste and texture of corned beef, and the Burning River complemented the entirety point beauticompletely.

Tright here was yet one more course, and also I was rather full. Still, I controlled to taste a forkcomplete or two of the belevated Wagyu Beef brief rib offered with crispy pig ears, kicked up through some impressive seasonings. The cheese on this dish finiburned it beautifully: the Carr Valley Ba Ba Blue Sheep’s Milk Cheese was my favorite of the evening. So cool and creamy beside those wonderful deep flavors of the meats. Pushing me completely over the edge was the combicountry of the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter. I might have cried it was so excellent.

I confess I didn’t complete my dessert–though it was a beautifully presented ice cream made through Bessie’s Blfinish Cheese, topped via a crisp cookie wafer and offered via a potent little bit cocoa truffle– I simply couldn’t regulate even more than a bite or 2. It was delicious, but… Oof da. So stuffed.

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I’m really looking forward to obtaining back to Pura Vida and also seeing what Chef Evans’ day to day food selection is like–I’m hearing great things about the ricotta pancakes offered at breakfast, and also the Sunday brunch. And the next time I’m trying to find a good cheese to go with my beer, I will look no further than Wisconsin! I hope you’ll attempt a few of these beer/cheese pairings at home–you won’t be disappointed.

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