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ArtistCash Rivers
28 July 2017
3.31 / 5.00.5 from 19 ratings

JasonHernandez Jan 31 2018 4.00 stars
Robert Pollard goes country—and it's also more out-to-lunch than you can think. He sings in his finest hangdog twang on seventeen songs all on one 7" record. It's lo-fi and also lowdown. Each track is mere seconds lengthy. Due to the fact that of that, this sounds nothing choose any various other rock musician's country phase. More than anything else, it reminds me of Neil Hamburger. Much prefer just how tortured, train-wreck comic Hamburger is Gregg Turkington's parody of the weird, Ed Wood display service underbelly of failures and also oddballs, Cash Rivers is Pollard's nation music burnout character.The raspy Mr. Rivers sings around fatality, drinking, drugs, loneliness, love gone wrong and panties. Rivers stays the life for real and also he's as well drunk to flesh out his songs, yet he's gained plenty of killer choruses and opening hooks. So, that's all he does. A few guitar strums, 2 or three lines to sing and about ten seconds is all he needs. The bastards at country radio won't play him, yet no issue. He's killin' it for the small crowd here who carry out a laugh track for should-be hits such as "Cocaine on My Way Home From Church" and "She Stole My Man Panties". Limited to 500 duplicates bereason that's around how many human being can prefer this. The freaks and also profiteers snatched 'em up quick.
jbolavirus Jan 31 2018 3.00 stars
Even for a throwaway vanity project, this, uh EP (17 songs, total 7 minute running time?) will confirm two things that all Robert Pollard fans know: The male understands what provides an excellent tune, regardless of genre; and also he's funny as fuck (simply ask his audience). "Relaxation Of The Asshole" goes Nashville. Results might seriously vary.(and simply an aside...$80 on Discogs??!!...wow...)

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