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Can"t get her out of my mind.... also after I was rejected. (dating, boyfriend)
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Here"s a question for you, as I"m sure it"s taken place to everyone at leastern once prior to. The quick rundown, I provided to work-related with this girl, and she was very flirtatious with me. Some of us went out one night, and everyone type of crept right into their own little locations, leaving simply us 2. I tried to be a small more forward via her, and also she provided me the, "I can"t! We work-related together and I"ve had troubles through that before." Ok fine, she was considering me as just a friend and also nothing even more.Well she"s currently no much longer functioning with me, yet we still text/chat. We still likewise hung out, as friends, however she began making little comments such as, "I"d totally make out via you ideal now." Throughout the moment, I think she was simply being comfortable with me, AS A FRIEND. About a pair weeks earlier, she was drinking a tiny at her location, and started texting me some exceptionally suggestive points (around having sleepovers via me, wearing nopoint to bed, and so on.), but namong which lead to anypoint that night. The next morning I aacquire talked with her, telling her that I was still exceptionally much right into her, and also that she would certainly should be straight up with me about exactly how she felt.Got the typical, "You"re such a good friend, and I recognize I"m very flirtatious with you. I was drinking, and tbelow can of been some fact to that, however I"m not searching for a boyfrifinish ideal currently." I responded that it was fine, and also I dig at least having her as a friend. But the thing is, I simply can not seem to acquire past that all she desires to be is friends, and also I"m holding out hope against hope that possibly somepoint will indeed happen. We"re meant to hang out aget this weekend probably (which I eagerly await), and I hate that the whole time, I"m going to be sitting tright here hoping something more can occur in between us.What have actually you done in these types of situations, wbelow you simply can not gain someone out of your head.