Is the following sentence well constructed? Like this, doing things that you perform not prefer assist you learn necessary skills. It looks wrong to me, however I have yet to uncover a preeminence or guide that might provide a reason for this.

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Thank you for any type of and all help!


I"m not sure there is a rule, various other than the rule of statistics, because I do not respeak to seeing that prior to.

Tbelow is a all set alternative:

In this method, doing things that you do not choose helps you learn vital skills.

The underlying difficulty, though, seems to have to carry out via the truth that some phrases seem inproper at the beginning of a sentence. Consider "as well":

We are relocating out. We are selling the furniture also.


We are moving out. As well, we are offering the furniture.

This is odd/unacceptable in the majority of arrays of However, it is widespread and embraced in Canadian I remember using it in esclaims all the time, till, during grad college in the US, I check out about it and also realized that no one tright here did the same. article.htm

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