The initially worry many homeowners have when they hear the news about needing a new roof is the cost. Honestly, that’s an understandable problem once you consider the expense of a roof replacement.

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Unfortunately, some homeowners attempt to discover methods to cut the price dvery own that is detripsychological to their roof, house, and even their wallets. One of these means is by acquiring a fifty percent or partial roof replacement.

But is it also possible to rearea half your roof? Is it a good idea?

At Bill Ragan Roofing we perform everything to educate homeowners choose you to make the finest decision for their specific situation. That’s why we’re going to break it down for you.

By the end of this post, you’ll learn if you can rearea fifty percent your roof and also the 4 reasons that’s most likely not the ideal principle.

Can you replace fifty percent a roof?

Yes, you can relocation fifty percent your roof. But the genuine question is, is it an excellent idea?

I understand also everyone is on a budobtain, and trying to save money by replacing fifty percent your roof might seem choose a great concept. However, I never before recommend (or will certainly do) a partial roof replacement.

If a roofing contractor is willing to perform this for you, they probably aren’t the many dependable roughly. Even if you have actually a storm damages insurance claim where the insurance company is just willing to pay for half a replacement, a dependable roofing contractor will fight for you and also supplement your insurance claim to obtain a complete roof replacement.

Can you relocation shingles in an area that’s leaking? Yes, absolutely. But if you’re trying to relocation a full section or more of your roof, you’re throwing your money away.

4 factors why you shouldn’t rearea fifty percent your roof

Now you know that it’s not recommfinished to replace half your roof. But you’re more than likely thinking, “You’re a roofing contractor that simply wants to sell me a complete roof.”

But the truth is, tright here are excellent factors why a dependable roofing contractor doesn’t recommfinish replacing half your roof.

1. The 2 sides of your roof will have actually different lifespans

The lifeexpectancy of your roof is how many kind of years you gain out of your roof investment. When you rearea fifty percent your roof, you’re going to have actually shingles that are aging at various prices.

This means that the older side is going to fail and begin leaking sooner than the more recent side. This cycle will continue over and also over aacquire until you finally rearea your roof.

I guarantee doing this will cause you headaches, and you’ll never have actually the peace of mind that comes via a new, correctly mounted roof.

2. Replacing half your roof will certainly finish up costing more in the long run

Due to the fact that the 2 sides of your roof have different lifespans, you’re going to have to pay for repairs more frequently than you would for a complete roof replacement. But you additionally need to think around how much you’re really paying for a partial roof replacement.

Each time you replace fifty percent your roof, you’re paying for materials, labor, time, the contractor’s overhead, and also even more. Depending on the size of your roof, you’re going to finish up paying more in the lengthy run per square foot than you would for a complete replacement.

You might think replacing fifty percent your roof saves you money, but in fact, it’ll expense you even more. Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are options easily accessible to ensure this doesn’t occur to you.

3. You won’t get the warranty defense that comes through a complete roof replacement

You’ll have two warranties as soon as you obtain a brand-new roof, one on the roofing materials and also the various other on your roofing contractor’s workmanship. When replacing half your roof, you don’t obtain the warranty defense you’re expecting after investing in a replacement.

Your shingles come out of the package via a prorated warranty. However before, you won’t be eligible for the 50-year non-prorated warranty that most shingle manufacturers sell as soon as obtaining a complete roof device.

Even if you already have the amplified warranty on your present roof, replacing half of it will certainly actually void the warranty. Remember, a dependable roofing contractor won’t recommfinish (or also do) a partial roof replacement.

If you find a roofing contractor that will certainly carry out it, I have the right to guarantee they’re not going to stand behind their work with a decent workmanship warranty. Why would they market to safeguard something they know is going to have actually continuous difficulties dvery own the road?

And the 2 sides of your roof will certainly actually be covered by 2 various roofing builders, so you’ll have to fight to acquire one or the various other to deal with the troubles. Either method, your roof won’t be defended the way it must when getting a complete roof replacement.

4. Replacing fifty percent your roof simply doesn’t look good

Your roof is among the first things world notification as soon as driving by, walking down the street, or coming over to visit. While the layouts of shingles need to enhance, you’ll have the ability to tell the distinction between the 2 sides.

Similar to if you acquire a roof patch, the older shingles will be lighter than the new shingles. This offers your roof a weird look that certainly stands out, and not in the best method.


You can not think this is a big deal, and for some human being, the look of their roof doesn’t issue. But eexceptionally day when you get house, you’re going to notification it.

The dangers of acquiring a “cheap” a roof replacement

You currently know 4 factors why you shouldn’t relocation half your roof. Remember, you can do it if you want to, yet a reputable roofing contractor will certainly never recommfinish it.

I understand you and other homeowners are came to around the price of their new roof. Even if you’re on a tight budgain, tright here are ways to acquire a quality roof without breaking the bank.

But some homeowners still attempt to obtain the lowest priced roof replacement possible. Unfortunately, tright here are risks involved that will certainly leave your roof worse off than it was prior to.

We want to aid you stop that happening. That’s why we created an additional article explaining the 4 risks that come with trying to get the cheapest roof replacement in your area.

Since 1990, the team at Bill Ragan Roofing has actually helped homeowners in the Nashville area get a great roof that fits their budgain. Even if our prices are also high for you, we deserve to at least point you in the ideal direction. After all, our main job is to educate eextremely homeowner so they deserve to make the appropriate decisions.

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Check out 4 Risks of Trying to Find the Cheapest Price for Your Roof Replacement to stop being taken advantage of so you deserve to protect your roof investment.