Typical ways to help secure headbands and any kind of kind of forehead accessories (and even clip-on earrings) is to usage eyelash glue. It works decently for many applications. Eyelash glue is latex-based, so it is necessary for those via latex allergies to be mindful of this (or buy non-latex adhesive). One of the finest brands we’ve used for eyelash glue is DUO Surgical Adhesive which can quickly be uncovered at most drugstores.

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It is not uncommon to use Elmer’s glue to glue stones directly to hair, yet we do not recommend this for gluing things to your confront, as it is water-based and any type of moisture will hinder the glue from functioning.

We spoke with some civilization in the film and theater sector to discover out what kind of assets they use to affix prosthetics through. Spirit gum came up quite a little bit, however it can be tricky to work-related with and also takes a while to dry. However, tright here is something that fairly a few world seem to choose over heart gum…. somepoint dubbed Telesis 7. So naturally, we gained ourselves a couple bottles and ran it via a couple of trials via our own headbands and accessories (and various other random things glued to our foreheads!).

Telesis 7:

If you are in Canada, a good place to buy it online is from HollyNorth Production Supplies or StudioFX. And in the USA, attempt Premiere Product Inc. .

Personally, I LOVE this stuff. It is a lot even more secure than eyelash glue, and also is great for those via latex allergies. It is basic to usage and also is skin-safe. Apply it both to the skin and also to the hairpiece/headband/jewelry, and also once it dries (which happens fairly quickly – unlike some various other adhesive products), then push the two together.

Make certain the skin is clean and dry, so you’ll want to prevent putting any structure or various other makeup on this area till your item is secucount on (and then perform your last makeup touches after). Applying the glue is simple and also exactly the exact same as applying nail polish (at leastern in the smallest sized bottle available; I am not certain around the larger bottle considering that the tiny one really should last a really lengthy time).

Because you’ll need to put the adhesive on both your skin and the jewelry/headpiece, it might be valuable to put little bit pin-sized dots through an eyeliner as markers or off-sets to assist remember where to use the glue if it’s going to be a complex piece, although this step is likely unimportant for many applications.

Personally, I have danced, worked out, sweated, slept, and showered via stuff glued to my confront using this adhesive and it works fantastic!

Now you’re likely wondering, “If it sticks this good, exactly how does it come off???(!)”

No worries. It actually came off fine without feeling prefer I was ripping off duct-tape and also it comes off even much better and also more comfortably through some remover. I have provided (by the same brand) Super Solv Plus, which is a small milder than continual Super Solv and extra-gentle on skin.


It’s a nice product and it has actually a pleasant smell. It feels a little oily, and also it have the right to also be supplied to clean off the tackiness from the ago of the jewelry. So much in the time of our trials, it has actually not damaged the jewelry (although we have actually yet to uncover just how it is a lot longer-term…. so watch for an update in around 2-3 years LOL). Since it is a little bit oily, the jewelry needs to be ago to “dry” without any residue before applying adhesive aget for the following time you desire to wear it, otherwise the adhesive will certainly not stick. Simply wipe down the back of the item with terry cloth or paper towel. However before, if you are rerelocating the jewelry for the night and plan to re-apply it initially point in the morning, the left-over tackiness on the jewelry actually will certainly help. The buildup on the jewelry is a minimally thin layer, unlike the gummy mess that eyelash glue have the right to develop.

We are incredibly pleased via this product and also certainly it is our number one recommendation. However before, like any kind of skin product, we likewise recommfinish that you perform a test on your skin before the competition simply to make certain you don’t have any type of sort of starray reactions.

Please note that as awesome as Telesis 7 is, it does NOT work-related for gluing items to your hair! If you desire to secure a piece to your hair too, you’ll have to aacquire use eyelash glue, or also hair adhesive (an extremely small amount goes a long means through hair adhesive). Hair adhesives are prefer a high-powered variation of eyelash glue (accessible in white or black) and also utilizing a remover via this is definitely recommfinished. The exact same Super Solv we pointed out over works good for additionally rerelocating hair bond. If you can’t obtain your hands on any kind of remover, almost anypoint oily (baby oil, canola oil, or also a mega-load of conditioner) will certainly job-related. You’ll should be patient as you gently massage and also loosen the glue blob through remover, and also then eventually comb it out. The first time I offered this stuff I had actually a minor panic attack trying to get it out however currently through even more suffer, I actually don’t mind hair-bond as it works exceptionally well in hair. The key is to use small quantities, and also as soon as you desire to remove it, be patient and I extremely recommend a remover.

Keep in mind, depending on what item you plan on adorning yourself via, you might must usage 2 different products if you desire adhesion to both hair and skin.

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 UPDATE: Check out an additional product we tested out for more skin-glue choices HERE.