“Yes. Bleaching absolutely takes much better in wet hair because the hair fibers are somewhat clogged with water, so it might come into play with the color you desire.”

I’ve also heard:

“Bleaching wet or damp hair can make your hair loss out faster.” 

I was likewise witness to many type of bizarre points, the kind of points that make my eyes pop out of my head, somepoint comparable to the renowned show “Ripley’s Believe it or Not.”

“If I bleach my hair while it’s wet, the bleaching mixture returns more. Bye

“Bleaching my hair when it’s still wet, ensures even more hydration.”

Beyond what everyone states or famous believe the truth is, it’s not an excellent concept to bleach wet hair.

What you have the right to carry out with wet hair is the dying process, also though we are likewise going to watch some differences in this also.

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Do you desire to recognize why it’s not advisable to go with the bleaching procedure through wet hair?

That’s specifically what I want to talk to you around currently.

What are the right conditions for bleaching your hair?


We all understand that the procedure of bleaching your hair comes with an important decision for the perkid doing it.

It’s a turning point to execute it because bleached hair will never before go ago to its natural color.

That’s why it’s necessary to be sure of the optimal conditions for bleaching.

When we wash our hair, the hair fibers absorb a component of the water that claims within, also as soon as we use the warmth from a hairdryer.

Therefore, these hair fibers that contain water will certainly impede the absorption of the bleach mixture, and don’t foracquire that this mixture is made by combining bleach dust and also hydrogen peroxide.

That’s why, if you have actually currently made the momentous decision to bleach your hair, , the ideal point to do is bleach your hair while it’s dry.


Now, sucount, when you end up bleaching, you’re going to want to instantly dye your hair to obtain the color you desire.

Here’s wbelow things readjust a bit.


Basically because of the type of dye you use to dye your freshly bleached hair.

That’s why I desire to develop a finish report.

One of those where you are left with virtually no doubts.

For this, we will certainly distinguish in between using semi-long-term dye on wet hair, and utilizing irreversible dye on wet hair.


Semi-long-term dye on wet hair

Semi-long-term dyes, additionally well-known as fantasy, are those that are less aggressive on your hair because they don’t contain hydrogen peroxide or various other forms of oxidants.

They are used mainly by human being that aren’t certain what color they desire to dye their hair.

And to me it appears perfect that once in doubt, they attempt via an additional alternate given that mostly for extreme transforms, it’s best to be very all set.



Your entirety life, you were a brunette, and sooner or later, in the mirror, there’s a platinum blonde staring back at you.

For these civilization, semi-irreversible dyes are the ideal fit.

Semi-permanent dye calls for wet hair to be applied correctly. That method, its less-aggressive formula have the right to better pass through the hair fibers.

The disbenefit with this kind of dye is that it fades as you wash your hair.

The action of the dye works by depositing pigments in the cuticle of the hair, and it’s bereason of this that the shade doesn’t last as lengthy.


Permanent dye

Here’s is wright here the negatives come in.

I do not advise using long-term dyes on wet or damp hair.

I’m not saying you can’t carry out it.

You have the right to do whatever you want via your hair.

I ssuggest advise that you don’t because you won’t get the same results if you dye your hair wet as you would if it were dry.


Permanent dyes cling much much better to dry hair, basically bereason of the ammonia that is included in its complace.

That’s why I recommfinish dying hair through dry hair without washing it because “dirty” hair for absence of a better word has a higher content of sebum, which is essential as soon as it involves protecting the hair fiber from damaging chemicals.

If you have chose to bleach, take the necessary prealerts to not destroy your hair.

Many of the moment, the results are irreversible, and also that’s not an exaggeration.


I have watched womales depressed because they lost a large amount of hair by bleaching at house without critical information.

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Beyond what I think and what I’ve said around my endure, I would prefer to hear your opinions.

So, tell me, as soon as it came time for you to bleach your hair,

Did you carry out it via wet or dry hair?

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