Both products have actually entirely various chemical makeups.  Semi-irreversible and also irreversible dye job-related exceptionally differently in your hair.

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And I would certainly know, bereason I tried it on my hair.

I remained in among those situations where you simply have to usage what you have on hand also. Let me explain.

I’ve dyed my hair light brvery own via long-term dye for years.

My sister, on the other hand, offers semi-long-term dye, because she doesn’t desire to usage products via ammonia or peroxide.

And, given that I have short hair, I constantly usage fifty percent of the product to dye my hair and conserve the other half for the next month.

But as I was dying my hair two months back, I discovered that I didn’t have sufficient product. Maybe I offered a little more than normal the month prior to.

But I knew my sister had a semi-long-term dye covert in the bathroom vanity.

I checked the color, and can have jumped for joy. It was a chestnut brown.

So, I chose to mix the long-term dye I currently had via some of the semi-long-term dye.

Of course, I might have bought more of the permanent hair dye, however I was in a rush to obtain prepared for a party, and I was leaving in simply a couple of hours.

So, throwing caution to the wind, I mixed the two dyes.

At first, whatever seemed to go well. The shade looked the exact same as it always did, and also I visited my party.

But after four shampoos my hair was anypoint yet the even brvery own I wanted.

It was brown, however a mix of light and dark brown.

This can look great if you have some strands lightened on function, choose a balayage, but when the light strands aren’t inserted properly the difference in shade have the right to look prefer a mess.

And the just explanation I might think of was that I had combined the two types of dye. When I told my sister what occurred, she was almost rolling on the floor laughing.

After her laughter faded, she acquired severe and also explained why specifically mixing irreversible and also semi-permanent dye is a bad principle.

So, if you don’t want to finish up with zebra hair favor mine, store analysis, because right here we’ll define why these 2 commodities have the right to create a catastrophic combicountry.


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Why you have to not mix irreversible and also semi-long-term dyes


Permanent and semi-irreversible hair dye is choose oil and water.

Their chemical compositions is so various that it’s practically impossible to mix them evenly.


It deposits the shade on the surconfront of the hair, nearly choose adding a coating on the hair.

Unlike irreversible dye, semi-long-term doesn’t enter the hair shaft, or the cortex, and can’t lighten your hair, cover grays, or permanently readjust your hair shade.

Each product was designed for a various purpose.

So, what does a semi-irreversible dye do?


The answer is basic.

Semi-long-term dyes:

Deposit shade on blond or lightened hair Conceal, yet don"t completely cover, grey hair. Refresh faded hair color. Tone grey or copper-colored highlight and blfinish them with the base hair shade. Add brightness and shine to dull or damaged hair.

Because this kind of dye only affects the outer surconfront of your hair, it only lasts between 4 and ten shampoos (relying on the health and wellness and also porosity of your hair) before it starts to fade.

What about permanent dyes?

They are entirely various from semi-irreversible colors.

Permanent hair dye does specifically what the name suggests: permanently adjust the shade of your hair.

Since of its chemical formula, and also the developer that it"s combined with, permanent hair dye open up the hair cuticle and also deposits the hair dye right into the internal part of the hair structure. The cuticle then closes aget, sealing the pigment inside.

Not only that, but irreversible dye does not fade, so you deserve to see a difference in between dyed hair and new development.

Permanent dyes deserve to lighten or darken hair, and also completely cover grey hair.

But there"s another crucial difference between these two products.

Permanent hair dye transforms the hair"s framework, so the color doesn"t fade.

Basically, long-term dye opens up the hair cuticle before depositing the pigment, and semi-long-term dye does not.

Permanent and also semi-permanent dyes have incompatible chemical properties, so they do not mix well, simply choose oil and water.

While you can mix them, you"re not going to gain the results you want.

Which is what taken place to me.

Due to the fact that I mixed the 2 kinds of dye, the irreversible dye and developer influenced parts of my hair, yet not every one of it.


The result?

The shade faded unevenly, so some stands were a fully various color after a couple of shampoos.

How did I solve it?


To fix my botched dye job, I ran to the pharmacy and bought a irreversible dye, which I supplied to cover the lighter strands.


The problem?

Since mixing the two dyes didn"t job-related, I had to re-dye my hair in under two weeks.

Which left my hair feeling quite dry. So I treated myself to a deep conditioning treatment.

This reminded me of something.

Anyone remembering finding out about the communicative building in grade school?


Let me remind you -bereason I do not blame you if you don"t- it claims that no matter wbelow you move the numbers in an addition or multiplication difficulty, the answer remains the same.

While, hair dye isn’t choose math, bereason no issue exactly how you add or mix permanent and semi-long-term dye, the outcome is going to readjust.

Add one more form of dye to the mix, and also you simply will not obtain the exact same outcomes.

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So currently you know: not just does mixing permanent and also semi-long-term dye not occupational, however you can end up with multicolored hair.

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