I"m looking to cut and perm my right hair into a wavy / loose curled bob. But seeing as my hair is a mousey brvery own colour, I was wondering whether it"s possible to colour my hair at the exact same time?

I realise that bleaching my hair lighter would certainly most likely destroy my hair. But would a dark brown irreversible colour ruin it in the same means, or should I just usage a non-permanent colour (if possible)?

Thank you,

Lily, UK

Hi Lily,

Perming and also colouring at the exact same time deserve to be done if you’re in a hurry and also only on 100% perfectly good conditioned, thick (ish) hair.

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Personally, I would certainly not advise you to have actually both done at the same time. The factor is that most women"s hair is not in tip-peak condition, or if the hair is more than 5cm long, it might interfere via your hair framework, as the cuticles can just take so a lot at any type of one time.

Depending on the thickness of your hair, perm first and also then a pair of weeks later use the colour. Tright here are several reasons for this and it is tough to give you a basic answer to your question. Firstly I have no indevelopment on how thick your hair is, and also secondly exactly how long of a bob you want? For your own security, I suggest the colour would certainly be much better used after your perm is a success and also you are happy with the stamina of your curls.

Reaboy being, if the perm is as well soft and also demands redoing, or your hair structure is fine or thin, it have the right to be feasible that the perm is as well tight and so you would have to have this corrected. The strain on your hair cuticles would certainly be as well much and also the colour would certainly wash out easily bereason your damaged molecules would not host the brand-new colour.

Here comes the contradiction!

The great news is, if your new bob reduced is Jaw size or just below your jaws and your hair is medium thick to thick and in excellent condition, then you can have actually your colour done first and also then after one week have the perm.

The condition of your hair cuticles is so important; an proficient technological stylist have the right to advise you onwebsite and also deserve to diagnose specifically what would be best for your hair. The secret lies in the stylist you choose to execute the work-related. Pay the additional money and also uncover a optimal salon that specialises in modern-day colours and also perms. It is cheaper in the long run to have actually your hair coloured and permed, as well as reduced in the exceptionally ideal salon with specialists who are experienced to advise you. Do it on the cheap and it can take months of tears and negative hair days if your colour and/or perm falls short to materialise the method you desire. One tip is to take as many kind of colour pictures from magazines via you to your appointment so you deserve to plainly connect via the stylist/colourist what you have actually in your mind! This need to leave the guessing out of the consultation.

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A irreversible colour is finest to use, as semi-permanents are tough to control. You are absolutely ideal, lifting your hair colour would intend some kind of lightening treatment - bleach or a high-lift – and I would certainly absolutely not recommend any lifting with a perm. However before, if you decide not to go for a perm and also use rollers instead or curling tongs (Cloud Nine have some remarkable curling products) to accomplish soft curls, than yes, you deserve to lift and also lighten your colour.

Lily I wish you luck in finding the best professional stylist/colourist, and I quickly hope you have your lovely new winter curly brown hair and also fulfil your dream!