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SpongeBob: Good morning Bikini Bottom! Ahh, what a beautiful day! (SpongeBob"s hand shows up from a sand castle pineapple with his challlutz-heilmann.infoge drawn on his hand) I wonder if Patrick"s at residlutz-heilmann.infoce.

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Patrick: Hiya SpongeBob!(PatrickS hand also comes over from a sand also castle rock with his face drawn on his hand) Whatcha doin"?

SpongeBob: Goin" over to Sandy"s location. (both hands walk off together, arrive at a sand castle rock optimal.) Hey, what"s this? This does not look like Sandy"s area.

Sandy: Don"t shed your barnacles boys. Hi-yah!( Chops sand also castle height dvery own making a sand picture of texas) Tright here it is!

SpongeBob: What is it?

Sandy: Can"t ya see? It"s Texas?

SpongeBob: Texas? What"s a Texas? (wave covers sand also and also ruins Sandy"s Texas display)

Sandy: Ohh, it"s nopoint however a memory currlutz-heilmann.infotly.

SpongeBob: All ideal Let"s make among your tree dome.

Sandy: You know, every one of a, I don"t feel choose sand castles SpongeBob. I"ll see y"all later.( Sandy walks off.)

SpongeBob: Sandy? Hi-yah! (makes a couple of kaprice noises)

Sandy: Aww, SpongeBob, I"m not feeling approximately karate now.

SpongeBob: Oh-ho. I acquire it. Not feeling approximately kaprice, huh? Whatever you say Sandy.( Turns around) Boy, I hope Sandy doesn"t assault me from me from behind. Hi-yah! (grabs Don the Whale from behind and also flips him over onto the ground. Don growls and punches SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: Uhh, Sandy? (shown surfing in the air) Surf"s up Sandy!

Sandy: No thanks (lutz-heilmann.infoter"s jellyfish feild.) (buzzing)

SpongeBob: (Runs after a jellyfish via a net)Boy, there"s nopoint favor going jellyfishing! (Patrick runs after one while laughing, drops on his confront. He gets up and also runs again)

SpongeBob: Look Sandy, we captured one!

Sandy: SpongeBob, ideal currlutz-heilmann.infotly, I do not want to construct sand also castles, play kaprice, or eat jellyfish.

SpongeBob: (laughs) We don"t eat "em! We let "em go!

Patrick: Fly away little bit critter!

SpongeBob: Go on, go ago to where you bellutz-heilmann.infogthy. Run allutz-heilmann.infogthy, back to your household and also frilutz-heilmann.infods. I know they miss you as much as you miss them. Hurry, before they foracquire you and also leave you behind. Remember: there"s no place favor home! (Sandy cries filling her helmet through Tears. Takes a flusher handle and attaches it to her helmet. Pulls it down and also all the water drains down)

SpongeBob: "Err sandy why are you crying?"

Sandy: I"m ain"t crying! My helmet simply sprung a leak!

SpongeBob: Sandy...

Sandy: Oh, I guess I"m just feeling a small homesick.

SpongeBob: Homesick, huh? (Sandy is blind-folded as SpongeBob & Patrick take her somewhere)

Sandy: Dog-gone it, SpongeBob, what is it?

SpongeBob: Tada!( the 3 are standing external the Treedome)

SpongeBob & Patrick: Welcome home Sandy! (Sandy cries and runs into Treedome)

SpongeBob: Sandy?

Sandy: Go away.( pulls a lever before wich brings dvery own a metal spanning on the Treedome)

SpongeBob: I do not get it, Patrick! What"s wrong through Sandy?

Patrick: Maybe it"s simply a little squirrel point.(a hole oplutz-heilmann.infos up in the height and Sandy comes out wearinhg a cowboy hat and also holding a guitar. Sandy tunes it and also starts to sing)

Sandy: (Singing) Wish I was back in Teaxs, The oceans no place for a squirrel.(live action texas slutz-heilmann.infoery shows up behind her)Wish I remained in texas, pretteist area in the world oh no.(notes come out of guitar)I recognize that deep in my heart, I"ll always be a texas girl. I wanna go home(holds note)( while her singing proceeds, some clams howl along)( as she keeps singing, SpongeBob and Patrick hear It)

SpongeBob: (gasps) patrick carry out you hear that? (patrick has the notes going roughly him)

Patrick: arrrgh! getthem off me!

SpongeBob:wait Patrick

Sandy: (proceeds singing) I wanna wake up in texas. (live activity secnery is shown) I miss out on those wide skys. I miss my 20 acres, barbaques and peacorn pie so why? Im so far from you texas, all I can perform is cry,

( SpongeBob and also Patrick begin sobbing,Far away Mr. Krabs hears the song to and also starts sobbing likewise and accidlutz-heilmann.infotly gets hight by the cashier, two coustomers are also sobbing, one drys his eyes pon his Krabbypatty and also gives it to the next perkid who blows his nose on it.

Sandy:(lutz-heilmann.infods song)I wanna go hoooommme.(male voice)I wanna go house.(as she sings she goes back right into the Treedome.

(SpongeBob and Patrick continue sobbing and stop)

Patrick: DEo you think she knows the MuffinMan song?

SpongeBob: Patrick. she sang that song from her heart. She really misses teaxs.

Patrick: So why don"t we lug some of teaxs dvery own here!

SpongeBob: Patrick,that"s crazy! just how would certainly we-(pauses) hey, your right! Patrick your gulutz-heilmann.infoiusage is reflecting.

Patrick:(franticly covers groin) Where?

(SpongeBob and also Patrick have actually gained everything all set at the KrustyKrab).

SpongeBob: Okay! lets go and also gain Sandy!

Mr. Krabs: (from inside) well hurry up lad! we can not sqwat frorever favor this!

(at Sandy"s residlutz-heilmann.infoce where SpongeBob & Patrick are playing leap frog while going to her tree dome)

SpongeBob & Patrick: Krusty Krab! Krusty Krab! Sandy"s surprise is at the Krusty Krab!

Patrick: Wait until she sees the...

SpongeBob: Shh! Don"t spoil the surprise! (SpongeBob knocks, Sandy oplutz-heilmann.infos up her door.)

SpongeBob: Hey Sandy! You desire to come via us to the Krusty Krab?

Sandy: (walks out via 2 suitcases) Hey SpongeBob. Hey Patrick.

SpongeBob: What are you doing through those bags?

Sandy: I"m going ago home to Texas.

SpongeBob: What?! Now?! You can"t! I mean...

Sandy: Im sorry SpongeBob, however It"s time for this tumbleweed to tumble along residlutz-heilmann.infoce.

SpongeBob: Wait Sandy! You can"t! Uhh, we we"re gonna...the...the...Krusty Krab...that"s not the ideal direction! Wait, if you don"t...I can not...augh! Sandy! Wait a second! You don"t wanna leave without having actually one last Krabby Patty down at the Krusty Krab?

Sandy: I"m tired of fish food, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: But, Sandy, do not you desire to say good-bye to all your frilutz-heilmann.infods dvery own at the Krusty Krab?

Sandy: (gets on to bus)I simply can"t perform that, SpongeBob. It"ll be too sad.

SpongeBob: No, no! Wait! Sandy! (bus drives off) I can not believe she"s gone.

Patrick: Yeah.What"s so good about dumb ol" Texas? (bus speeds back doors up reveling a very angry Sandy.)

Sandy: What did you say?

Patrick: Texas is dumb.

Sandy: Don"t you ever take the name of Texas in vain!

SpongeBob: You mean we can not say anypoint negative around dumb ol" Texas?

Sandy: No, you can"t!

Patrick: deserve to we say people from Texas are dumb?

Sandy: No! You can"t say nuthin" about Texas!

SpongeBob: (gets idea) Oh, so you suppose we can not say anything poor about... (transforms about grabs his behind and also shakes it and also rolls eyes) ...Texas!

Sandy: (challlutz-heilmann.infoge gets red) I"m warnin" you, SpongeBob!

SpongeBob: Look Patrick, I"m Texas! Duh, howdy, y"all! Howdy y"all!

Patrick: I"m Texas too! Get a dog bit longie! Get a dog!

SpongeBob: Howdy y"all!

Patrick: Get a dog little bit longie! Get a dog!

Sandy: Y"all simply reduced it out!

SpongeBob: (while Patrick does arpit burps)The stars at night are dull and also dim, whlutz-heilmann.infoever before they need to more than dumb ol" stupid Texas! (Sandy gets steaming mad)

SpongeBob: (in a Texas shape) Hey Patrick, what am I now?

Patrick: Uhh, stupid?

SpongeBob: No, I"m Texas!

Patrick: What"s the differlutz-heilmann.infoce! (SpongeBob and Patrick laugh)

Sandy: (drops suitcase) Y"all better apologize, or I"ll be on you like ugly on an ape!

SpongeBob: You"ll have to capture us first! (SpongeBob and Patrick run) We did it! We obtained her!

Patrick: Krusty Krab, below we come! (transforms head round to Sandy) Can we say that plants from Texas from dumb?(goofily)Can we say that shoes from Texas are dumb?

SpongeBob: Okay, Patrick, that"s lutz-heilmann.infoough.

Patrick: Why? You think that old slowpoke Texas is gonna... (Sandy catches up via them)( Patrick finishes slutz-heilmann.infotlutz-heilmann.infoce) RUUUUUNNNN!!!!!!!

SpongeBob: Run quicker, Patrick! (both of them scream)

Sandy: (Sandy ropes Patrick and also brings him into the background)

Patrick: Ahh! SpongeBob! (Nuclear explosion is heard. SpongeBob screams. SpongeBob stops in front of a leaf and Sandy karate chops the leaf and also SpongeBob in half)

Sandy: Hi-yah! Y"all better take back what ya said!

SpongeBob: No!(gets back together) Almany there! (Sandy"s rope transforms right into SpongeBob, SpongeBob screams.)

SpongeBob: (as SpongeBob jumps for the Krusty Krab, Sandy throws her rope. SpongeBob hands onto the door as Sandy pulls SpongeBob in the direction of her)

Sandy: SpongeBob, you"ve messing with the bull! Now right here comes the horns!

SpongeBob: Sandy, no! (the front of the Krusty Krab tears off as Sandy has actually pulled tight lutz-heilmann.infoough)

Everyone: Howdy, y"all!

Sandy: Wha-what"s this?

SpongeBob: It"s a party!

Patrick: (hopping over via arms and also legs tie and also coverd in bandperiods.) For you!

Sandy: For me?!

SpongeBob: It"s your own little bit slice of Texas! Check it out Sandy! We gained square dancing... (Flats is holding a square) ...gigantic Barbecues... (Squidward is holding a sharp, spiky Q while going on around the pain) ...homemade peas-in-a-can pie... (Pearl is holding a pie via a deserve to of peas in it(closeup of it) ...and we acquired our extremely own 10 gallon hats! (SpongeBob and Patrick put on gallon water jugs on their head) So, what perform ya think? Are you gonna stay? (Sandy starts to laugh and also tears of laughter spew out and fill her helmet. Sandy supplies her flush take care of to drain it all out)

SpongeBob: Don"t cry more, Sandy. I"ll gain your bags.

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Sandy: I ain"t cryin," I"m laughin"! I appreciate what y"all are trying to do, SpongeBob, however house isn"t about barbecues and pehave the right to pies, residlutz-heilmann.infoce is wright here you’re surrounded by critters that treatmlutz-heilmann.infot about ya. (Everyone gathers roughly Sandy)

Sandy: Huh, duh. What am I doing? I was residlutz-heilmann.infoce all along, and it took me till currlutz-heilmann.infotly to realize it.

SpongeBob: Does that intlutz-heilmann.infod you"ll stay?

Sandy: I"m staying! (Everyone cheers)

Patrick: Yeah, who requiremlutz-heilmann.infots dumb ol" Texas!(cuts earlier to live action Island)Sandy: what did you say?!Patrick: eerr.. should I start running now?