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A nurse enters a monoclonal antibody site, Aug. 18, 2021, at C.B. Smith Park in Pembroke Pines. Numerous sites are open up roughly the state giving monoclonal antibody treatment offered by Regeneron to people who have tested positive for COVID-19. (AP)


A photo on Reddit shows 2 sick human being lying on the ground awaiting therapy. Louie Lopez told that he took the photo while awaiting treatment at a site in Jacksonville, Fla.

City officials said that in mid-August they experienced a far-reaching increase in patients seeking treatment at the website. Now tright here are more chairs and wheelchairs for patients as they wait for therapy.

The state of Florida has a website wright here people can sign up for an appointment to get a free vaccine or Regeneron treatment.

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A viral write-up on Reddit shows a dramatic photo of two human being lying on the ground sick via COVID-19 seeking therapy. One shows up curled versus a wall, while another patient draped with a record medical gown is curled up, confront dvery own.

"Everyone please be careful — whether you are vaccinated or not," created Suzanne Lopez on Reddit wright here she posted the photo taken by her husband also Louie. "My husband (vaccinated, but positive) has been waiting 2+ hours for monoclonal treatment and also he claims he has never before checked out civilization so sick. Moaning, crying, unable to relocate."

The Reddit thread drew hundreds of comments around the spcheck out of COVID-19 in Florida, which has actually proficient a spike in instances this summer.

"I hate to watch it, and I hate to say it, however we need even more photos prefer this reflecting the fact of the instance," composed one Reddit user.

The concept that, more than one year right into the pandemic, COVID-19 patients in a major city in Florida would be lying on a floor moaning for help appeared improbable. But it’s genuine, according to city and also state officials.


Photo was taken at Jacksonville Regeneron site

The photo was taken at one of multiple state-sustained sites that opened up in August to administer monoclonal antibody treatments that assist COVID-19 patients stop hospitalization or death.

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Nikki Kimbleton, a spokesperchild for the city of Jacksonville, sassist in a written statement to that the volume of patients seeking the therapy more than doubled in recent days at the Jacksonville clinic, which is situated at a public library. While the site gave 43 doses on Aug. 16, that climbed in the adhering to days to 97, 143 and 155. 

Once the city realized the rise in patients seeking therapy, the city made certain the clinic had sufficient provides, including more wheelchairs, seats for patients waiting in line and also indicators directing patients to alert someone if they require assistance.

Louie Lopez, who took the photo, told that he was vaccinated in the spring. But about a week back he came dvery own with symptoms of nasal congestion and a headache and also then tested positive for COVID-19. Lopez shelp his doctor advised him to take Regeneron, so he signed up for an appointment. 

Lopez told he experienced only a couple of chairs at the appointment website. He said that while he was waiting in line for his appointment, various other world arrived consisting of the two women in the photo.