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When Micaela, among my teenage clients, walked into the salon this particular day through the Disaster, yes, via a funding D, that she brought with her hair, I knew something had occurred.

She looked at me and said, “I assumed I can dye my hair two days in a row.”

If you still have doubts, the answer is NO; you should not dye your hair two days in a row.

Not even two days in the same week.

Your hair can’t handle it.


How many days in a row can you go out to parties?

If you are young, sucount you deserve to go out one or two days in a row maximum. After that, your body says enough. It needs to sleep.

If you aren’t young, prefer me, after simply one night of partying, I need at leastern a week to recuperate.

For your hair and coloring, the exact same point happens.


Your hair after coloring it requirements a pair of days, if not weeks, to acquire over the shock that comes with dyeing your hair.


It doesn’t issue what happens.

Maybe you supplied a color, and also it isn’t what you were looking for.

Or perhaps you want to carry out something new to the first color by placing in some Californian highlights.

Or you want a lighter touch than what you have actually via the new color, just barely, so you use a new tone in just a couple of minutes.

Whatever the factor, my answer will always be the same: “Never before dye your hair two days in a row.”

You will go from “I don’t choose it” to “I want to kill myself,” within a half-hour.

And I say the very same point when they ask me if they can dye their hair eextremely three or four days.

The answer is no.

It’s best for letting at leastern 4 weeks pass from one color to the next. But of course, this depends a lot on the characteristics of your hair. It’s always best to shade hair that is in healthy and balanced condition.

Micaela’s problem had a solution, yet I don’t think it was what she was hoping.

But it was the healthiest solution for her hair.

But I’ll tell you around that a small later on.

Now, I want to concentrate on saving your hair and that you don’t make the mistake of coloring your hair via bit time in in between.

Why shouldn’t you color your hair so often?


I understand what you feel once you go to color your hair.

Emovement. Intrigue. Suspense. A entirety world of questions that hides in between your hairs.

And as soon as points don’t go as planned, hell opens up its doors.

I understand also you.

I have checked out it millions of times, and also I have the right to feel the disappointment of those women in my skin.

But it’s crucial to understand also that any chemical procedure affects your hair, and also of course, coloring your hair is no exception.

It doesn’t issue if you are lucky enough to have strong, healthy and balanced hair; your hair is not immune to chemical products.

Split ends and also weak hair are 2 of the many widespread consequences of frequently coloring your hair.

Eexceptionally time you dye your hair, you alter the external layer, damaging the shaft of the hair. And that’s why your hair loses its shine and also smoothness.

Also, you run the threat of burning your scalp, injuring it, and disrupting the development phases.

If you are trying to correct the shade yourself, you’re doing even more work for the stylist to repair your hair to obtain it to the shade you desire.


As you have the right to check out, chemical on top of chemical is not the solution.

At least, not one that I would recommend to you.

How long must I wait prior to dyeing my hair again?


And this is more than likely among the hardest questions to ask because there are an unlimited amount of factors involved.

For instance, the overall wellness of your hair.


Also, if you went from a dark color to a light one or vice versa.

Also, the kind of product that you supplied on the initially coloring plays a part. The dye that comes in a box is not the exact same as henna or the type that a colorist supplies.

Everything plays a component.

And we just have one head of hair.


You might say to me, “But Carina, my hair is a disaster, and it’s not what I want. Waiting 4 weeks is an eternity…”

I understand your desperation, but I don’t sell rotten fish.

That is the minimum amount of time to wait if you desire your hair to continue to be as healthy and balanced as feasible.

Also, your hair will be much better ready to get a second coloring.


But there are always tricks so that this new color that you don’t like fades more quickly from your hair.

That’s just how it is.

I’m not going to leave you entirely disappointed.

There are points that can mitigate those moments of stress and anxiety while you wait to dye your hair for a 2nd time.

What can we execute in between colorings when we don’t like our color?

First point is initially, don’t get desperate.


With time, that color that you hate in your hair will fade. Age and experience have actually taught me that the zen approach is the finest in these instances.

If you desire to wash the shade, it’s finest to usage cream baths. That way, you’ll not only be getting rid of that unwanted shade, however you’ll additionally be nourishing your hair and preparing it in the ideal method to challenge the damaging results of coloring.

Come closer.

I’m going to tell you a secret.


Once a week, perform an olive oil or coconut oil hair mask on your hair at room temperature. Cover your head in a shower cap for thirty minutes. Those oils have the right to open up the cuticle of the hair so that the shade will wash out a lot faster.


Check coconut oil price on Amazon

Consult through a colorist. It appears apparent, however they have the the majority of knowledge around hair color and also tonality.

Maybe it’s not essential to gain a whole brand-new color. Perhaps they can offer you various other feasible choices that reduce the outcome you acquired, prefer, for instance, not dyeing your hair from the root.


This is what I speak to collateral damages regulate.

In what problems do you find your hair?

It looked devastating after the initially coloring, or it obtained worse?

If it got worse, give it a remainder from the chemicals, particularly if you desire a total change in the shade that you obtained.

Also, if the dye that you applied is irreversible, you understand that the cuticles will certainly be even more sensitive.


But the good news is, yes, tright here is always excellent news, that if you provided a semi-long-term dye, this form of dye doesn’t go down to the cuticle, however ssuggest right into the shaft of the hair. Since of that you deserve to wait much less time, two weeks, before doing the second coloring.


Do you want to understand what occurred with Micaela?

Well, I armed myself via patience.


Have you ever felt that you were swimming in turbulent waters?

This was my initially time.

I knew she wanted an immediate answer.

Teenagers and also other people that are so teenagery are favor that.

Everything must be right here and now, without worrying about the aftermath.


But, it’s been a while since I thrived out of adolescence. Alideal, not that long.

I explained to her the damages that it does to her hair if she were to apply more chemicals to acquire the color that she wanted.

She tried to convince me, yet I didn’t budge. After all, I’m a mom. I recognize the prominence of a timely “No.”

And I negotiated.

I gave her a deep-nourishing therapy to revitalize the shade and also boost the look of her hair. I promised her that in 4 months, we would certainly acquire the color that she wanted.


I have the right to ascertain you that she left happy.

Sometimes, experiments in unexpert hands have actually their expenses.

And periodically they are too high.

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Now, I’d favor to recognize a tiny more about you.


How regularly carry out you shade your hair?

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