Your initially hair coloring suffer has actually gone absolutely wrong, and currently you’re wondering—can you dye your hair twice in one day? Absolutely not.

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Dyeing your hair twice in a day will never really be a great concept.

But save your chin up! Because we’ve set up some tips you have the right to follow to obtain your dream color without having to damage your hair!


Normally speaking, you have to have to wait at leastern 4 weeks before coloring your hair again. That would certainly be the MINIMUM INTERVAL to wait after the initially time, at least without any type of irreversible damages.

If you’re afrhelp of all levels of hair damages, you must wait about 6 to 7 weeks prior to you shade your hair again.

These are the basic rules, yet most the times, it’s not always necessary.

Tbelow are a lot of factors that influence the rate at which your hair would certainly be healthy and balanced sufficient to have another round of hair color and also hair therapy used to it.

Many of it depends on the problem it’s at—if the dye wasn’t harsh and your hair was able to withstand also damages, you might wait at leastern 2 weeks.

To be certain, you can VISIT YOUR LOCAL HAIR SALON and have actually it checked out; that way you can likewise be recommended a far better time framework and also possibly a selection of hair therapy commodities.

Can You Re-Dye Your Hair the Next off Day?

Speaking from our own experience, you shouldn’t dye your hair on consecutive days.

But a factor that likewise comes right into play once you’re thinking about this is the form of hair color you usage.

It isn’t recommended to automatically re-dye your hair, specifically if you’re using permanent hair dye — bereason of the ingredients it includes.

Is it feasible to execute a semi-long-term hair dye, then? Yes, but it doesn’t expect you need to perform it. Especially if you don’t desire to damages your hair and also worry around a bad hair day for the remainder of your life!

Types of Hair Dye


Permanent Hair Color

Permanent hair color is the only among the few hair dyes which doesn’t fade (immediately).

If you used this to color, and also eventually ended up wrong, then we are sorry to say you would certainly have to wait at least a couple of weeks prior to having it rerelocated.

“Can I dye my hair twice in a day?” Generally speaking, no.

“Can I dye my hair twice in a day, if I colored my hair through permanent hair dye?” Absolutely not.

“What about if I dyed my hair the next day through irreversible hair color?” Sorry, love, the answer’s still a no.

Can You Dye Your Hair Aget the Next off Day with Permanent Hair Color?

The use of irreversible hair dye and hair shade could damages your hair cuticles and make it porous. In reality, the ingredients contained in such long-term hair colors could cause allergic reactions if you dye with it also shortly.

The earliest you could re-dye your hair via a irreversible dye is 4 days; at this time interval, yet, we hope that you are prepared to watch the hair damage or feasible hair loss from doing so.

The safest option would certainly still be to wait at leastern 4 weeks prior to you re-apply the hair color.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Semi-irreversible hair dye doesn’t contain the same harmful ingredients uncovered in irreversible hair dye, so you can absolutely wait much less if this was the type of dye you have actually available.

That shelp, you might come out via less damages to your hair. It doesn’t intend you must dye twice in a day with the semi-irreversible color though. But you can definitely execute it the next day (Aget, it still doesn’t suppose you have to though!).

If you decide to reshade your hair via a semi-irreversible hair shade the following day, you could shampoo a couple of times to have actually the present hair shade wash out.

Normally speaking, washing 6 to 12 times with shampoo would make many of the semi-irreversible hair shade fade.

Can You Dye Your Hair Again the Next Day via Semi-Permanent Color?

Throughout this process, make certain to take more time conditioning your hair.

You’ll want your hair to be hydrated and also healthy and balanced to prepare for the next round to shade your hair, also if you use a semi-long-term hair dye.

A friendly reminder, however, is that dyeing hair through a semi-irreversible variant might still damage your hair. Even even more, if you’re doing it in such brief intervals.

If you might protect against doing it, our advice is to proccasion coloring your hair automatically so that you would certainly not damages your hair.

The rule of thumb via semi-long-term hair variant is still to wait for 2 to 4 weeks, and also preventing from coloring your hair twice in sooner or later — also coloring your hair twice in 2 weeks shouldn’t have to be done if your hair can help it.

Coloring Grey Hair Twice on the Same Day

Even if we respeak to that grey hair is well, grey, bereason of the loss of pigment and how hair starts to bleach itself from the inside out.

Without discovering a lot about grey hair and hair coloring in basic, I’d understand also if you thought coloring grey hair twice in someday would be quite acceptable.


Grey hair is primarily dry, and also so the usage of unimportant hair dye on already weakened hair will certainly additionally damages your hair.

Using semi-long-term hair dye on grey hair won’t execute much either. So think twice prior to you even reach for a semi-permanent dye.

If you were trying to cover grey spots on your hair, the ideal speak to would certainly still be to consult with a hairdresser or learn just how to execute it appropriately via their help — coloring grey hair is a lot trickier.

You have to try out these deeply pigmented Blue Black Hair Dyes for Grey Hair if you desire to avoid having actually to recarry out the shade.

Why You Shouldn"t Color Your Hair Twice In One Day


You just don’t desire to have a huge amount of chemical hair treatment on your hair in short time spans, bereason it could majorly damages your hair.

For example, if we were thinking to dye out hair instantly, opportunities are our hair follicles would suffer immensely.

That would leave me through severely dry and brittle strands which would certainly take also more occupational to repair. Not to cite, double or triple the costs!

This is additionally why it’s not advisable that you tone your hair twice in one day or also one week.

What Happens If You Don"t Wait Before Recoloring Your Hair?

If you have done your hair one also many type of times, then we are specific you understand the aftermath of hair shade.

Eincredibly time your dye your hair, the chemicals slightly rip off the outer layers of the hair and also reach the hair shaft— it’s why your hair inevitably loses its shine and smooth texture. And that’s why dyeing hair twice in a day is NOT highly recommfinished.

Hair dyes do not simply rinse and stain your hair — also if it was semi-permanent — the molecules in your favorite hair shade lifts up the hair cuticles before depositing the brand-new hue.

It’s why the general dominance — regardless of whether you’re in a hair salon or doing it on your very own or using semi-long-term hair dye — is to apply hair therapy prior to and after.

Exposing your priceless hair to such hard chemicals (also from semi-permanent color) is not somepoint you desire to execute too regularly, maybe it’s not also something you’ll want to execute in the initially place.

Even much less would you desire to endlessly multiply its damage by coloring your hair twice in at some point.


If your hair is dry, brittle, and also breaks off easily, then don’t dye your hair twice. It’ll just reason worse hair breakage and damages.

If the existing state of your hair is that you have actually too many type of separation ends that snap off and feel weak, then it is in no problem for any type of harmful chemicals such as hair dye.

It requirements time for deep conditioning. Spfinish some even more time nourishing it until it’s hydrated and also primarily healthy and balanced. If you need to, you could use hair masks, also.

You could damage it to a suggest of no return if you don’t listen to your hair, so listen well to prevent hair loss. Lay low on the hair dye, if essential.

If your hair is currently dyed, and also you desire a lighter color, you’re going to need to wait for your current hair dye to fade or wash it off with a shade remover.

Having one more hair color layered on peak of your present hair shade is going to damage your hair, not make it more vibrant — nor will certainly it let you go from having actually colored brown hair to platinum blonde hair dye, light purple dye, or fiery red dye.

For going from a dark color to a light color, you’ll need a solid lifting bleach, not a lighter colored hair dye.

You have to likewise usage semi-permanent hair colors wisely given that they don’t last as long as permanent hair dyes execute.

So, dear, please don’t even think around coloring your hair twice in an attempt to adjust the current shade you have!

Having your hair dyed can be scary, we entirely understand. The minute it’s splat on your head, tbelow will be an unavoidable adjust — whether you watch it or not.

But to prevent the mess that will come once you dye your hair twice, it’s a lot better to know exactly how to dye your hair well the initially time.

Whether you’re functioning with virgin hair, or you have pre-existing hair shade, it’s finest to recognize how to execute it appropriately.

Assess your hair’s demands, pick up a couple of hair therapy commodities, and also read the instructions created on the label!


“Can I dye my hair twice on the same day?”The answer is NO, not without resulting in irreversible damages to your hair.

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The rule of thumb is to wait a few weeks before dyeing your hair aobtain after the initially time and making sure that your hair is healthy and balanced before founding the process.

We understand that you’d love to have actually that dream shade on your head’s crvery own, and we want nothing brief of that for you!

Go rock all the colors on the rainbow, we have actually your back! Just, you recognize, don’t dye your hair twice in one day!