It's tright here a difference between the product provided for eyes and the product supplied for eyebrows? I'm socurious.


I discover that generally eyeliner is more creamy, because the eyes are so sensitive and also you don't desire to be tugging around your lid. Eyebrow pencils aren't as pigmented either so that you have more control and also deserve to develop up colour to provide a much more naturallook.




In some eyeliners I don't see a lot of a distinction at some point I use a brown eyeliner for my eyebrows and also it looks the exact same as as soon as I usage products expected for theeyebrows.


It relies because my pencil is supposed to be provided for both But eyebrow pencils are much fainter thaneyeliners

To add on to what others have actually sassist, eyebrow pencils tend to be waxier however it all depends on the brand also. You deserve to certainly use an eyeliner for your brows if its the rightcolor.

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