lutz-heilmann.infoists require a convenient method to differentiate one stereoisomer from another. The Cahn-Ingold-Prelog system is a collection of rules that enables us to unambiguously define the stereolutz-heilmann.infoical configuration of any type of stereofacility, making use of the desigcountries "R ’ (from the Latin rectus, meaning right-handed) or " S ’ (from the Latin sinister, definition left-handed).

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The rules for this device of stereolutz-heilmann.infoical nomenclature are, on the surface, fairly straightforward.

Rules for assigning an R/S desigcountry to a chiral center

1: Asauthorize priorities to the 4 substituents, through #1 being the highest possible priority and #4 the lowest. Top Priorities are based upon the atomic number.

2: Trace a circle from #1 to #2 to #3.

3: Determine the orientation of the #4 priority group. If it is oriented into the plane of the page (ameans from you), go to step 4a. If it is oriented out of the aircraft of the page (towards you) go to step 4b.

4a: (#4 group pointing amethod from you): a clockwise circle in part 2 synchronizes to the R configuration, while a counterclockwise circle synchronizes to the S configuration.

4b: (#4 group pointing towards you): a clockwise circle in component 2 corresponds to the S configuration, while a counterclockwise circle corresponds to the R configuration.

We’ll use the 3-carbon sugar glyceraldehyde as our initially example. The first thing that we must carry out is to assign a priority to each of the four substituents bound to the chiral facility. We first look at the atoms that are straight bonded to the chiral center: these are H, O (in the hydroxyl), C (in the aldehyde), and also C (in the CH2OH group).

Assigning R/S configuration to glyceraldehyde


Two priorities are easy: hydrogen, with an atomic number of 1, is the lowest (#4) priority, and also the hydroxyl oxygen, via atomic number 8, is priority #1. Carbon has actually an atomic number of 6. Which of the two ‘C’ teams is priority #2, the aldehyde or the CH2OH? To identify this, we relocate an additional bond away from the chiral center: for the aldehyde we have a double bond to an oxygen, while on the CH2OH team we have a single bond to an oxygen. If the atom is the very same, double bonds have a greater priority than single bonds. Thus, the aldehyde group is assigned #2 priority and also the CH2OH team the #3 priority.

With our priorities assigned, we look following at the #4 priority team (the hydrogen) and also view that it is pointed back ameans from us, into the airplane of the page - hence step 4a from the procedure over uses. Then, we map a circle identified by the #1, #2, and #3 priority teams, in raising order. The circle is clockwise, which by step 4a tells us that this carbon has actually the ‘R’ configuration, and that this molecule is (R)-glyceraldehyde. Its enantiomer, by meaning, must be (S)-glyceraldehyde.

Next, let"s look at among the enantiomers of lactic acid and also identify the configuration of the chiral facility. Clbeforehand, H is the #4 substituent and OH is #1. Owing to its 3 bonds to oxygen, the carbon on the acid team takes priority #2, and also the methyl group takes #3. The #4 group, hydrogen, happens to be attracted pointing toward us (out of the plane of the page) in this figure, so we use action 4b: The circle traced from #1 to #2 to #3 is clockwise, which indicates that the chiral facility has actually the S configuration.


Interenergetic version of (S)-alanine

The drug thalidomide is an exciting - but tragic - situation study in the prominence of stereolutz-heilmann.infoisattempt in drug architecture. First manufactured by a Germale drug agency and prescribed extensively in Europe and Australia in the late 1950"s as a sedative and also remedy for morning sickness in pregnant woguys, thalidomide was soon implicated as the cause of destructive birth defects in babies born to woguys that had taken it. Thalidomide has a chiral facility, and also therefore exists in 2 enantiomeric creates. It was marketed as a racemic mixture: in other words, a 50:50 mixture of both enantiomers.


Let’s attempt to identify the stereolutz-heilmann.infoical configuration of the enantiomer on the left. Of the four bonds to the chiral facility, the #4 priority is hydrogen. The nitrogen group is #1, the carbonyl side of the ring is #2, and also the –CH2 side of the ring is #3.


The hydrogen is shown pointing amethod from us, and also the prioritized substituents map a clockwise circle: this is the R enantiomer of thalidomide. The various other enantiomer, of course, need to have the S configuration.

Although scientists are still uncertain this day how thalidomide functions, experimental evidence argues that it was actually the R enantiomer that had actually the wanted clinical impacts, while the S enantiomer led to the birth defects. Even with this knowledge, yet, pure (R)-thalidomide is not safe, bereason enzymes in the body rapidly transform in between the 2 enantiomers - we will certainly check out just how that happens in chapter 12.

As a historical note, thalidomide was never apconfirmed for usage in the USA. This was many thanks in large component to the efforts of Dr. Frances Kelsey, a Food and Drug officer who, at peril to her career, blocked its approval due to her comes to around the absence of enough safety studies, especially via regard to the drug"s ability to enter the bloodstream of a occurring fetus. Unfortunately, though, at that time clinical trials for brand-new drugs connected widespread and also unregulated distribution to medical professionals and also their patients across the nation, so family members in the U.S. were not spared from the damage brought about.

Very recently a close derivative of thalidomide has become legal to prescribe aacquire in the United States, through strict safety steps applied, for the treatment of a form of blood cancer called multiple myeloma. In Brazil, thalidomide is used in the treatment of leprosy - however despite safety procedures, youngsters are still being born through thalidomide-related defects.

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Exercise 3.11

Determine the stereolutz-heilmann.infoical configurations of the chiral centers in the biomolecules presented below.