When it is time to upgrade your TV, you don’t desire to wait for a delivery, you desire to pick it up and also start watching as quickly as you obtain home. This is specifically vital if you’re grabbing a Super Bowl TV deal and planning to watch the Super Bowl this weekfinish.

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This quick overview from Nissan will assist you number out how substantial of a TV you have the right to fit in your car, SUV or Truck.

This is particularly important if you are looking at a 55-inch or larger TV, as you will certainly require a lot of cargo room. It is likewise incredibly crucial to deliver your new 4K TV upright. If you lay a huge TV down to fit it into your automobile or truck you threat damaging it, and the retailer may not exadjust it.

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How big of a TV deserve to I fit in my car, truck or SUV?

Nissan put together a handy guide that shows you exactly how huge of a TV you can for in your Nissan crossover, SUV or truck. For some factor they didn’t list how massive a of TV we have the right to bring house in the Nissan GTR.

Kicks: up to 32 inchRogue/Rogue Sport: as much as 50 inchPathfinder: approximately 50 inchMurano: up to 55 inchArmada: approximately 58 inchTitan: up to 75 inch


If you don’t have a Nissan Titan or a Rogue in your drivemethod, you have the right to usage this overview to compare to your SUV or crossover. If you have a sedan, you should borrow somepoint bigger and also not lay the TV down level.

You deserve to check out the video listed below for more details on what dimension of TV you deserve to fit in a car, SUV or crossover.

Plan on keeping the TV upappropriate for the trip and securing it with tie downs or bungie cords to make sure it doesn’t loss or shift in the time of transport.

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If you’re shopping for a new auto, examine out our vehicle, truck and also SUV reviews. If you’re shopping for a TV, inspect out these Vizio TV deals for the Super Bowl or inspect out the latest deals from Best Buy.

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