Artist: Run-D.M.C.Album: Run-D.M.C. (Deluxe Edition)Song: Rock Box (B-Boy Mix)Typed by: Webgrasp DJ Flash; kirenamloh

You are watching: Calvin klein no friend of mine D.. (D) M.. (M) C.. (C)Rock.. (rock.. rock..)For you! (for you.. for you..)Fresh (fresh.. fresh..)For all you sucker MC"s perpetratin a FRAUDYour rhymes are cold wack and also save the crowd cold lostYou"re the sort of man that girl ignoredI"m drivin Caddy, you fixin a FORDMy name is Joseph Simmons but my middle name"s Lordand when I"m rockin on the mic, you have to all applaudSince we"re (wheelin, dealin, we obtained a funny feelin)We rock from the FLOOR up the ceilinWe groove it (you move it) it has actually been PROVENWe calmed the seven seas because our music is SOOTHINWe develop it (relate it) and frequently show itWe"ll diss a sucker MC make the various other suckers hate itWe"re climbing (suprising) and also often hypnotizingWe always tell the fact and then we never before slip no lies inNo curls (no BRAIDS) peasy-head and still get paidJam Master cut the record up and down and also cross-fadeBecause the rhymes I say, sharp as a nailWitty as deserve to be and not for saleAlmethods funky fresh, could NEVER be staleTook a test to become an MC and didn"t failI couldn"t wait to demonstrateall the super def rhymes that I createI"m a wizard of a WORD, that"s what you heardAnd anything else is fairly absurdI"m the master of a MIC, that"s what I sayAnd if I didn"t say that, you"d say it anyWAYBust right into the party, come in the placeSee the initially things come, the MUSIC in your faceGirls on the wall, some on the floorwith the DJ called Jay through the cuts galoreSo listen to this bereason it can"t be missedand also you can"t leave "til you"re dismissedYou deserve to do anything that you desire toyet you can not leave until we"re throughSo relax your BODY and your mindand also listen to us say this rhyme - HEYYou can think that you have actually WAITEDlong enough "til the rhyme was STATEDBut if it were a test it would be GRADEDthrough a grade that"s not DEBATEDNopoint also deep and also nothing denseand also all our rhymes make most SENSESo move your butt, to the cutRun amuk, you"re not in a rutEach and also everybody out tright here, we gained the notionWe desire to watch y"all all in motionJust SHAKE, WIGGLE jump up and downMove your body to the funky soundSide to side, earlier and also forthWe"re the two MC"s, and we"re gonna go OFFStand also in area, walk or RUNTap your feet, you"ll be on the oneJust snap your fingers and clap your handsOur DJ"s much better than all these bands!HUH!!*Jam-Master Jay scratches*It"s the activity of your body as soon as you"re inside a partyTryin to execute a DANCE simply favor everyBODYYou store the pep, in your stepInside of your heart is wright here it"s keptIt"s the activity of your FEET when you hear a def beatSounding so sweet, harmony is so NEATIt"s the movement of the head when a rhyme is saidThat I rock the living DEADVERTISEMENT, I get you out your bedIt"s the activity of you arms, to a beat that"s CHARREDWe"re checkin and also respectin reason it"s never before hardIt"s the activity of your jock when he rocks the blockHe"ll jock the def beat, all about the BLOCKIt"s the motion of the "table once it starts to spinRound and round, and also earlier againHuh!Ha-huh...Ha..Huh...Ha...HA...YAH!.. We acquired all the lines and all the rhymes We don"t drop dimes and also we do not do crimes We bake a little cake via Dundeserve to Hines and also never before wear the vest they contact the Calvin Kleins "Cause Calvin Klein"s no friend of mineDon"t desire nobody"s name on my behindLee on my legs, sneakers on my feetD by my side and also Jay with the beat*important for 19 seconds* - (ad libbing as guitar builds as much as fade)Part...two.. tee..The...Hollis Crew.. crew.. crew..Buh..buh..buh-buh...Butter Love, nowCool T. currently..Hah, L...Ha, L...My, my guy Jam in his area to be.. (JAY! Jay..)Re, remember you don"t speak..Kickin it, and also you don"t stop.. (Beat..)Rrrrrrrrrock, d-dot, d-dot, rock the spot..Stick em.. and also you do not stop, hah...Stick "em...Run.. rocks it well, we-welle-well..a-via the clientele..Krush Groove..Young females in the location..We, we we"re, we we"re we"re, we we"re we"re (Bass!)We we"re in the hottest area..??? not sheight...Hah.. ?? we"re talkin autographs..Autographs.. and autographs..Fly girls..

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in the location, in the location..Homeboys..Hollis Crew.. *music fades*