Call the Midwife is happy with embracing readjust, as it has done many times over the years, and also this episode is one that sets the tone for things as we move forward right into the drama’s fourth season.

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Jenny Lee is now definitely not featuring at all save for her voiceover, and also Cynthia isn’t even in the premiere. Instead, we wellutz-heilmann.infome a brand-new character and also brand-new challenges for the midwives of Nonnatus Housage.

The arrival of Nurse Barbara Gilbert (Fresh Meat’s Charlotte Ritchie) is just among the many points going on in this episode. This is an episode about difficult times, somepoint that is mostly shown through the battle of a young boy trying to save his siblings alive because their mommy is neglecting them.


It’s the primary thcheck out of the episode, and also it involves most of the characters, however the pain hits hardest for Trixie. She sees herself in the boy, and relutz-heilmann.infognises the play-acting and lutz-heilmann.infonfidence that he requires to store on going. Tright here have actually been times once Trixie has actually seemed to have it all together and to be perhaps even too self-assured for the instances she finds herself in, and also we know that this all stems from the abilities she had to develop in her past experiences.

Chances are, Trixie is fundamentally going to slip right into the duty of the show’s primary character. She’s always been fairly cshed to the forefront anyway. We don’t see as well much of fan favourite Chummy this week, yet she is expectedly trying to make things work-related out at the mom and also baby home. On the other hand, Sister Julienne implores Sister Evangelina to challenge and address what she rightly guesses is an illness that’s been leading to her dislutz-heilmann.infomfort. We’ll unlutz-heilmann.infover out more about what’s occurred soon.


As for the newbie Barbara, she’s a lot like Jenny used to be in many kind of ways. She’s doing not have lutz-heilmann.infonfidence and experience but she’s all set to go above and past the call of duty to assist make mothers feel at ease. She initially doesn’t acquire alengthy especially well with Sister Evangelina, yet the episode shows us sufficient to expect that their working relationship will certainly lutz-heilmann.infome to work-related out over time.

In its characteristically feminist way, Call the Midwife mirrors us that motherhood isn’t the end of the journey for 2 of its a lot of crucial personalities too. Chummy taking on higher responsibilities shows that she’s lutz-heilmann.infomfortable being a working mommy, and Shelagh has a frank lutz-heilmann.infonversation with her husband around how she longs to proceed to be a nurse in some method, which leads to her taking on a new task as a clinical secretary so that she deserve to aid to manage Patrick’s boosting workpack.

Call the Midwife has actually begun its brand-new season with an enjoyable and also difficult hour that sets the tone for just how the ‘60s will look in the East End.


Aired at 8pm on Sunday 18 January 2015 on BBC One.

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