Soccer and also Amerihave the right to football are obviously two various sporting activities. However before, they execute have actually some similarities. One of those similarities is a comparable shaped field on which the games are played.

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But although the areas are similar in shape, it is quite clear that tright here are differences in between the two also.

A soccer field is bigger than a footsphere area. Although the length of the 2 fields is comparable, the width of a footsphere area is 53 1/3 yards, whereas the width of a soccer area is in between 75 yards and 100 yards. Thus a skilled soccer field has a higher surchallenge location than a regulation footsphere field.

In this post, we’ll look at the soccer field and the footsphere area and also watch just how they compare.

If you are interested in a wider comparichild of just how soccer and football compare overall, click this link, and also it will take you to a article I wrote that compares all facets of the 2 sports.

To begin via, this table listed below plainly lays out the distinctions and also similarities in between a soccer field and also a football area.

How They Compare:

Soccer FieldFootround Field
LengthMax: 130 yards (120m)Min: 100 yards (90m)100 yards(91.5m) between goal lines120 yards (109.7m), consisting of end zones
WidthMax: 100 yards (90m)Min: 50 yards (45m)160 feet/ 531⁄3yards (48.8m)
SurfaceNatural grass and synthetic turf or a hybrid of bothNatural grass and also synthetic turf
Markings2 penalty areas 2 goal areas a halfmethod line a facility circle 4 corner arcsa penalty spotand also a center spot 10-yard intervals2 end zones1-yard hash marks5-yard yard lines1-yard lengthy scrimmage lineNumerals in multiples of 10
GoalpostsLocated at the facility of the goal lineCrossbar: 8 ft (2.44 m) above groundVertical posts: 8 yards (7.32 m) between postsLocated at the facility of the goal lineCrossbar: 10 feet (3m) above groundVertical uprights:– 18feet 6inches (5.6m) acomponent – 35 feet (10.7m) long
Table comparing a soccer field to a football field

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Shape of Soccer Field Vs Footround Field

The form of a soccer area and a footround area are the exact same. They are both rectangular, through the ends of both areas shorter than the length of the area.

Although a soccer field deserve to vary slightly in length and also width (as we’ll look at below), it is still a necessity that the touchline, or sideline, is longer than the goal line at either finish.

You may likewise have heard a soccer field described as a “pitch.” If you desire to recognize why inspect out this write-up I composed explaining why civilization use this word and also wbelow it originated.

Length of Soccer Field Vs Footround Field

Soccer and football fields are typically the same lengths as each various other.

Between the goal lines of a footround field, tright here are 100 yards(91.5m), and once you include the 2 10-yard end areas, the length involves 120 yards (109.7m). These measurements are a necessity, and no football area should be a different size to this.

Soccer areas are a little various in that the length has minimum and also maximum requirements that it hregarding fit within. A maximum length of 130 yards (120m) and a minimum length of 100 yards (90m).

This suggests that there is frequently a little variation between the lengths of various soccer areas, yet that variation is sensibly minor.

For an instance of this, in the image listed below is a list of the lengths of 5 MLS team’s soccer areas.

Length of 5 MLS Soccer fields

As you can check out from the above imperiods, although tbelow is regularly some variation between the lengths of the field, tbelow are only a few yards in it.

The smallest length of any MLS soccer area is the Yankee Stadium, wright here New York City FC play. The length of their area is just 110 yards (110.6m).

Did you recognize soccer supplied to be called footround, also in America? Find out why this changed, and the factor behind the US calling it soccer while a lot of of the world calls it footsphere, in this write-up I recently wrote.

Width of Soccer Field Vs Footround Field

The width of a soccer field compared to a football field is often wbelow there is the best variation in dimension.

Just like the size, a footround field has a set need that the width hregarding be. That width need is 160 feet/ 531⁄3yards (48.8m).

Soccer areas have minimum and maximum requirements that the width hregarding be between. Those demands are a maximum of 100 yards (90m) and also a minimum of 50 yards (45m).

Although the soccer field has a minimum requirement of 50 yards (45m), the majority of soccer areas are approximately 75 yards (68.5m) in width.

As an example of this, the image listed below lists the width of the fields of 5 MLS team’s fields.

The specific width of 5 MLS soccer fields

In this measurement, New York City FC’s area at Yankee Stadium comes in joint last area via Minnesota United FC’s field at TCF Bank Stadium with a width of just 70 yards (64 m).

A soccer field is bigger than a football field

A soccer field is bigger than a footsphere area as a result of the soccer field’s width being virtually twice that of a footsphere area. Although the length of the two fields is similar, a soccer field’s additional width indicates that a soccer field has actually a higher surconfront location and also is bigger than a football field.

Since a football field is minimal to being only 160 feet/ 531⁄3yards (48.8m) wide, whereas a soccer area have the right to be as much as 100 yards (90m) wide, a soccer field has actually a much higher surchallenge location than a football field and is, therefore, bigger.

If you’re interested in even more details about a soccer field’s dimension and dimensions, click here to go to a short article I created spanning everything you must recognize around it. And if you desire my opinion about whether soccer is harder than football, have a look at this write-up I wrote providing you the 5 reasons for what I think.

Surface of Soccer Field Vs Football Field

The surfaces on which a soccer game or footsphere game deserve to be played are similar. Both games have the right to be played on natural grass or synthetic turf.

However, it is much even more common for NFL groups to play on man-made grass than MLS groups to play on it.

A review in 2019 discovered that 12 NFL teams play on man-made turf, and also 19 play on organic grass.

Whereas in the MLS, just 6 teams play on synthetic turf fairly than herbal grass.

It is also amazing to note that in the NFL, tright here is a relocate towards playing on even more synthetic surencounters, while in the MLS, tbelow is a relocate towards playing on natural grass.

This is greatly due to the different demands of both sporting activities.

Marqueens on a Soccer Field Vs Football Field

The markings on both a soccer field and football field are where the areas really do differ from each other.

And this makes sense as they are 2 different games via various rules and objectives.

The markings on a soccer area are:

2 penalty locations 2 goal areas a halfmeans line a facility circle 4 edge arcsa penalty spotand a facility spot

The marmonarchs on a footsphere field are:

10-yard intervals2 end zones1-yard hash marks5-yard yard lines1-yard long scrimmage lineNumerals in multiples of 10

One similarity in between the two is that all the marmonarchs are in white.

Goalposts on a Soccer Field Vs Footround Field

The goalposts in both soccer and football are additionally extremely various from each other, as you deserve to view in the picture listed below.


In soccer, the goalshort articles are required:

To be positioned at the facility of the goal line at both ends of the field.The crossbar must be 8 ft (2.44 m) above ground at the lowest pointThe vertical write-ups, which are below the crossbar, have to be 8 yards (7.32 m) apart

In footsphere, the goalwrite-ups are required:

To be positioned at the facility of the goal line at both ends of the fieldThe crossbar should be 10 feet (3m) over groundThe vertical upcivil liberties, which are above the crossbar, should be 18feet 6inches (5.6m) acomponent and also 35 feet (10.7m) long

A significant difference in between the goalwrite-ups in both these sports, acomponent from exactly how they look, is wright here the players are trying to acquire the ball.

In soccer, the players are trying to acquire the sphere in between the vertical articles listed below the crossbar. In footround, the players are trying to obtain the round between the vertical posts above the crossbar.

The primary distinction between a soccer and also football field

Having now gone via the distinctions and similarities, you will certainly have noticed that there are 3 substantial differences in between a soccer and football field.

The width of the fieldThe markings on the area The goalposts

These 3 components are what make each sport’s area distinct and allow the games to be played as they need to be played.

Playing soccer on a footround field

This does raise the question of whether it’s feasible to play soccer on a footround field.

Soccer can be played on a footround area. In truth, all via the USA, high colleges and also colleges have specifically designed their sporting activities fields to be able to execute simply this. I put together a comparikid of a high school Vs expert soccer field here if you’re interested.

This works bereason both a soccer and also footround area are the exact same length as each various other. With a necessity to be 120 yards long, a football field fits perfectly within a soccer area.

The obstacle is just how to discover the width for the soccer field.

Although the minimum requirement for a soccer area is 50 yards, the truth is that few are that narrow, and as we have checked out above, the majority of are nearer 75 yards (68.5m) wide. With a footsphere area being just 160 feet/ 53 1⁄3 yards (48.8 m) wide, this can be an worry.

What most sports areas that combine the 2 fields do are create this added width by utilizing the team areas that would be supplied during a football game.

This method, it’s feasible to fit one football area within a soccer field and play soccer on a football field.

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Anvarious other area where you might have actually questions about the difference in between soccer and also football is roughly the question of salary caps. Click on this attach to go to a write-up I created answering the question of whether soccer has a salary cap.