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A user copies records from her desktop computer to a USB flash gadget and puts the tool in her pocket. Which of the adhering to defense purposes is the majority of at risk?

A. Confidentiality

B. Availcapability

C. Non-Repudiation


By meaning, which defense concept ensures that only authorized parties can access data?

A. Integrity

B. Non-Repudiation

C. Confidentiality

D. Authentication

Smart phones w cameras and internet capabilities pose a danger to which defense goal?

A. Confidentiality

B. Availcapability

C. Integrity

D. Non - repudiation

Your computer device is a participant in an asymmetric cryptography mechanism. You"ve crafted a message to be sent to an additional user. Before transmission, you hash the message, then encrypt the hash making use of your personal crucial. You then attach this encrypted hash to your message as a digital signature prior to sending it to the other user. In this instance, what defense does the hashing task provide?

A. Integrity B.NON-Repudiation C. Confidentiality D. Availcapability

Which of the complying with is an example of an inner threat?

A. A user accidentally deletes brand-new product design

B. A water pipe in the server room breaks

C. A distribution man is able to walk into a controlled area and also steal a laptop

D. A server backdoor allows an attacker on the internet to obtain access to the intranet site

What is the biggest risk to the confidentially of information in the majority of secure organizations?

A. USB devices

B. Hacker Intrusion

C. Operator Error

D. Malware

Which of the adhering to is the correct meaning of a threat?

A. Absence or weakness of a safeguard that can be exploited

B. The likelihood of an attack taking benefit of a vulnerability

C. Any potential risk to the confidentially, integrity, or availcapacity of information or systems

D. Instance of being exposed to losses from an attacker

C. Any potential peril to the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of indevelopment or systems

Which of the following is an instance of a vulnerability?

A. Misconfigured Server

B. Virus Infection

C. Denial of service assault (DOS)

D. Unauthorized accessibility to confidential resources

Which of the complying with is NOT a valid idea to associate through integrity?

A. Encertain your systems document the genuine information once collecting data

B. Protect your atmosphere so it maintains the highest source of truth

C. Proccasion the unauthorized adjust of data

D. Control access to sources to prevent unwanted access

When a cryptographic system is used to defend the confidentiality of information, what is actually protected?

A. The information is protected from corruption or change

B. The information is easily accessible for accessibility whenever authorized users require it

C. Unauthorized user are prevented from viewing or accessing the resource

D. The encrypted data is restricted from being transmitted

By meaning, which security principle provides the capacity to prove that a sender sent out an encrypted message?

A. Authentication

B. Integrity

C. Non- Repudiation


The company netjob-related is defended by a firewall, an IDS, and also tight access controls. All of the papers on this protected network are copied to tape eexceptionally 24 hrs. The backup solution enforced on this network is designed to administer defense for what security service?

A. Confidentiality B. Non-Repudiation

C. Availability D. Integrity

Which form of access manage enpressures protection based upon user identities and permits individual customers to define accessibility controls over owned resources?


Which form of access regulate focuses on assigning privileges based on defense clearance and information sensitivity?


In which create of accessibility manage setting is accessibility regulated by rules rather than by identity?



C. Most-Client-Server Environments


You have actually imposed an access regulate method that enables just customers who are supervisors to accessibility particular information. Which kind of access regulate design is used?


You have a mechanism that allows the owner of a paper to determine individuals and their perobjectives to the file. Which type of accessibility manage model is implemented?


Which of the adhering to is the term for the procedure of validating a subject"s identity?

A. Authorization

B. Identification

C. Authentication

D. Auditing

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