New Sonic Burger Specials and Deals.

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Sonic Burger has really put the foot on the promotions pedal in a move to respond to their sales shortcomings, as their latest quarter sales fell 2% for the period.

The firm needs to gain customers earlier in and also spending, and fast!

To assist via this Sonic has actually recently rolled out some excellent proactivities, that you will certainly love, if you areSonic Burger continuous.

Sonic Corn Dogs 50 Cents Special.

Sonic now has actually Corn Dogs for just 50 cents on weekend evenings.

The deals starts on Friday, October 7, 2016 and also is valid from 5 pm to cshed eextremely Friday, Saturday and also Sunday in October.

Sonic’s Get-One-Buy-One-Free Deal on Chicken Wings.

At the exact same time Sonic is running at 50% on chicken wings distinct.

On Mondays via Thursdays, Sonic Burger has a BOGO on chicken wings.

What it is:

Sonic Drive-in’s “Wing Night In America” is a recurring buy one, obtain one free distinct on chicken wings, eexceptionally Monday through Thursday after 5 PM.

Choose in between a 6, 12 or 24-pack of boneless wings at consistent price and also you will certainly get an additional equivalent order for free. No coupon is needed, ssuggest ask for the ‘Wing Night’ deal, once you are ordering your wings.

Tright here are currently 6 different chicken wing seasonings at Sonic Burgers, so attempt them all.

Wing Night details:

Read even more below.

For even more Sonic Deals, please visit Sonic Happy Hour.

Sonic Secret Menu.

Roller-skating employees are not they just cool thing around Sonic Burger. This restaurant additionally has actually a little-recognized ‘trick menu’.

Many Popular Sonic Secret Menu Items.


A Ham and Cheese Sandwich, through a side of deep-fried pickles.Try pairing that meal via a Sonic Sunclimb, which is a cherry limeade through orange juice.

Sonic’s Frito Pie

Sonic’s Frito Pie are Frito Lays chips topped via melted cheese and warm chili.

Dr. Pepper Orgasm

It’s a combo of Dr. Pepper, lemonade and gatorade.

Sonic’s Purple Sprite

Sonic’s Purple Sprite is a little of Powerade, lemonade and also cranberry mixed right into the clear fizzy drink. Try and out.

All of Sonic’s burgers are customizable, so you deserve to simply create your very own variation.

For the full Sonic Menu, please visit: Sonic Menu.

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Sonic burgers, known for their grstraightforward goodness, are actually all customizable. The menu is only a ‘suggestion’.