38. Operations monitoring entails constant decision-making; hopefully a lot of decisions made will be: A. redundant B. minor in nature C. indeveloped D. quantitative E. namong the above

C. informed

39. A ‘product package’ is composed of: A. the exterior wrapping B. the shipping container C. a combination of items and solutions D. products if a production organization E. customer relationships if a company organization

C. a mix of products and service

40. Company institutions consist of three significant attributes which, ideally: A. assistance one an additional B. are mutually exclusive C. exist separately of each various other D. feature individually of each various other E. do not interchallenge via each other

A. assistance one another

41. Which of the complying with is not a form of operations? A. goods production B. storage/transport C. entertainment D. communication E. all the above involve operations

E. all the above involve operations

42. Technology choices hardly ever affect: A. costs. B. productivity. C. union task. D. high quality. E. flexibility.

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C. union task.

43. Measurements taken at various points in the transformation process for control purposes are called: A. plans B. directions C. controls D. feedago E. budgets

D. feedback

44. Budgeting, analysis of investment proposals, and also provision of funds are activities linked via the _______ function. A. procedure B. marketing C. purchasing D. finance E. inner audit

D. finance

45. Which among the adhering to would not primarily be classified under the heading of transformation? A. assembling B. teaching C. staffing D. farming E. consulting

C. staffing

46. Manufacturing job-related sent out to other nations is called: A. downsized B. outsourced C. internationalization D. vertical integration E. entrepreneurial ship

B. outsourced

47. Product architecture and also process selection are examples of decisions that are: A. financial B. tactical C. mechanism style D. device operation E. forecasting

C. mechanism design

48. The obligations of the operations manager are: A. planning, arranging, staffing, procuring, and also reviewing B. planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and also controlling C. forecasting, making, planning, arranging, and also controlling D. forecasting, designing, operating, procuring, and also reviewing E. developing and operating

B. planning, arranging, staffing, directing, and controlling

49. Knowledge skills usually don’t include: A. procedure expertise B. audit skills C. interaction skills D. international expertise E. every one of the above

C. interaction skills

50. Which of the adhering to is not true about systems approach? A. A devices viewsuggest is practically constantly useful in decision making. B. A units strategy emphasizes interrelationships among subsystems. C. A devices approach concentprices on performance within subsystems. D. A systems method is necessary whenever somepoint is being redesigned or boosted. E. All of the over are true

C. A systems method concentrates on effectiveness within subsystems.

51. What is attributed with gains in industrial performance, raised standards of living and affordable products? A. individual computers B. the internet C. mass transportation D. assembly lines E. multi-level marketing

D. assembly lines

52. Production units with customized outputs typically have relatively: A. high volumes of output B. low unit prices C. high amount of specialized tools D. fast work-related movement E. skilled workers

E. expert workers

53. Which is not a far-ranging distinction in between manufacturing and also company operations? A. price per unit B. uniformity of output C. labor content of tasks D. customer contact E. measurement of productivity

A. price per unit

54. Which of the following is not a characteristic of company operations? A. intangible output B. high customer call C. high labor content D. simple measurement of efficiency E. low uniformity of output

D. straightforward measurement of productivity

55. Which of the following is a current trend in business? A. air pollution control B. total high quality management C. supply chain administration D. competition from international manufacturers E. technical change

C. supply chain management

56. Farming is an example of: A. an obsolete activity B. a online company C. non-manufactured products D. a growth industry E. customized manufacturing

C. non-manufactured goods

57. Dealing via the truth that particular elements of any monitoring situation are even more important than others is called: A. evaluation of tradeoffs B. sensitivity analysis C. acknowledgment of priorities D. analysis of variance E. decision table analysis

C. recognition of priorities

58. The reality that a few renovations in a couple of key areas of operations will certainly have actually even more impact than many type of renovations in many other locations is continual via the: A. Irwin phenomenon B. Pareto phenomenon C. Stevenson phenomenon D. Tellier phenomenon E. Adam Smith phenomenon

B. Pareto phenomenon

59. The process of comparing outputs to previously established requirements to identify if corrective action is needed is called: A. planning B. directing C. managing D. budgeting E. disciplining

C. controlling

60. Which of the complying with does not relate to system design? A. changing the system capacity B. place of infrastructure C. inventory management D. selection and also acquisition of devices E. physical arrangement of departments

C. inventory management

61. Taking a units viewallude through regard to operations in today’s setting progressively leads decision-devices to take into consideration ______________ in response to the ____________. A. flexibility; press to be more efficient B. offshoring; need to promote residential manufacturing C. sustainability; risk of international warming D. technology; impact of random variation E. forecasting; stabilization of demand

C. sustainability; risk of international warming

62. Some carriers attempt to maximize the revenue they obtain from solved operating capacity by affecting needs with price manipulation. This is an instance of _________________: A. Illegal price discrimination B. Collusion C. Volume evaluation D. Revenue management E. Outsourcing

D. Revenue management

63. Which of the following is not an ongoing trend in manufacturing? A. globalization B. top quality development C. versatility and agility D. mass production for greater economic climates of range E. technological advances

D. mass production for greater economic climates of scale

64. Which of the adhering to is not a benefit of utilizing models in decision making? A. They provide a standardized format for analyzing a difficulty. B. They serve as a consistent tool for evaluation. C. They are simple to use and also much less expensive than taking care of the actual case. D. All of the over are benefits. E. Namong the above is a benefit.

D. All of the over are benefits.

65. Modern firms increasingly count on other firms to supply goods and services instead of doing these jobs themselves. This boosted level of _____________ is leading to boosted emphasis on ____________ management. A. outsourcing; supply chain B. offshoring; lean C. downsizing; total high quality D. optimizing; inventory E. internationalization; intercultural

A. outsourcing; supply chain

Operations managers are responsible for assessing consumer wants and also needs and offering and promoting the organization’s products or solutions.


Often, the cumulative success or failure of companies’ operations features will affect the capacity of a nation to compete through other nations.


Companies are either creating goods or moving solutions. This indicates that only one of the 2 kinds of operations administration methods are supplied.


Operations, marketing, and also finance attribute individually of each other in a lot of institutions.


The greater the degree of customer involvement, the more complex the architecture and also management of operations.


Goods creating establishments are not involved in business activities


Service operations require extra inventory because of the unpredictcapability of customer demand.


The worth of outputs is measured by the prices customers are willing to pay for goods or solutions.


. The usage of models will certainly guarantee the ideal possible decisions.


People who work-related in the field of operations should have abilities that incorporate both expertise and world skills.


Assembly lines completed productivity but at the expense of conventional of living.


The operations manager has actually major duty for making operations mechanism architecture decisions, such as device capacity and also area of infrastructure.


The word "technology" is supplied only to refer to ‘indevelopment technology’.


Value added’ by interpretation is constantly a positive number since ‘added’ means increases.


Service often needs greater labor content, whereas production is more funding extensive.


Measurement of productivity in service is even more straightforward than in manufacturing since it is not crucial to take right into account the expense of materials.


Special-function modern technology is a prevalent method of offering boosted customization in production or solutions without taking on extra labor costs.


One technique of classifying production units is the degree of standardization.


Many human being encounter operations only in profit-making institutions.


Service involves a a lot greater degree of customer contact than manufacturing.


A devices method emphasizes interrelationships among subdevices, yet its main layout is that the whole is greater than the sum of its individual components.


The Pareto phenomenon is among the most crucial and pervasive ideas that can be used at all levels of management.


Operations supervisors, who commonly use quantitative approaches, are not really concerned through ethical decision-making.


The optimal options produced by quantitative techniques must constantly be evaluated in terms of the larger structure.


Managers should many often rely on quantitative approaches for crucial decisions because quantitative philosophies result in more accuratedecisions.


Many operations monitoring decisions have the right to be explained as tradeoffs.


A devices strategy implies that we concentprice on performance within a subsystem and also thereby assure as a whole performance.


Prior to the Industrial Radvancement, goods were produced primarily by craftsmales or their apprentices making use of tradition made parts.


Elton Mayo’s "Hawthorne Experiment" was the focal suggest of the Person Relations Movement, which emphasized the prominence of the huguy element in project architecture.


Among Ford’s many kind of contributions was the introduction of mass manufacturing, making use of the principle of interchangeable parts and division of labor.


Operations administration and also marketing are the 2 functional areas that exist to support activities in other features such as audit, finance, IT and humale resources.


Lean manufacturing units incorporate the benefits of both mass production and craft production.


As an abstractivity of reality, a design is a streamlined version of a actual phenomenon.


Lean production units usage a very experienced work pressure and functional devices.


The lean production philosophy has been slow to be adopted in service markets.


Operations Management activities will certainly be much less crucial in the future bereason many firms are coming to be service-oriented operations fairly than products producing operations.

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A modern firm has actually 2 supply chain considerations – outside links with suppliers and also customers, and also an inner netjob-related of flows to and between the operations function itself.