Here's our guide on beating the Wing Guides You Trial in Zelda Breath of the Wild, within the Bosh Kala Shrine.

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Guideby Tom Orry, Audience Advancement Manager, Gamer NetworkMore contributions byHirun CryerandJake Green

Updated on 5 May 2020

The Bosh Kala Shrine is certainly among the even more complex Shrines in The Legfinish of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, specifically in the beforehand hrs. In this Zelda Breath of the Wild Bosh Kala Shrine guide, we"ll be walking you with beating the Breath of the Wild Wind Guides You Trial as smoothly as feasible.

Breath of the Wild Bosh Kala Shrine Walkthrough

On your method to the Bosh Kala Shrine you will see a number of Bokoblin. It"s pretty straightforward to walk about the edge of their camp and also enter the shrine. When you enter the room you"ll immediately alert a mystery treasure chest on the ideal of the room. Climb the stairs on the left and then use the wind turbine to glide throughout to the chest on the opposite side. You"ll be rewarded through some Amber.
Watch out for Bokoblin on your way hereWith that chest opened up, it"s time to work-related via the Trial itself. Getting to the end of the Trial room is fairly easy. Ssuggest follow the course being directed by the gusts of wind coming from the wind turbines. It" a case of gliding over to the platdevelops and making certain you don"t overshoot. Unmuch less you have actually unintended worries you"ll be at the end in no time at all.
Glide over below to get a nice rewardJust before you finish the Trial it"s worth looking over to the much appropriate corner of the room. You"ll alert one more key treacertain chest sat on a platform. Head ago to the previous wind turbine and use it to propel Link past the finish of Trial platcreate and also onto the chest platdevelop. This have the right to be a little tricky, however as lengthy as Link reaches the edge he"ll clamber up. For your initiatives you"ll be awarded a Soldier"s Clayeven more.

That"s all we have actually on this topic, but worry not as there"s plenty more Breath of the Wild content best right here on USG. First off, there"s this news story on Twitch Plays beating its initially Guardian. After that, be sure to head over to our write-up of the awesome Wind Waker easter egg covert in the game.

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