When the Normandy is grounded at the Citadel in Mass Effect, Captain Anderkid will certainly offer to assist override the lockdown holding it in the docking bay. To do so, he has actually 2 choices, either go to Udina’s office and hack his computer system or break right into the Citadel traffic manage. Both choices are high-danger for Anderson, but he puts the decision in Shepard’s hands. Here’s what happens through each alternative and which is Paragon and Renegade.

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Should Anderkid break right into the office or Citadel traffic regulate in Mass Effect?

After completing the assignments on Noveria, Feros, and also Virmire in Mass Effect, Shepard and also crew will return to the Citadel to present the evidence they’ve uncovered to the Council. Unfortunately, the Council and also Ambassador Udina have decided to block Shepard from proceeding their examination into the Conduit and the Geth on Ilos. They lock dvery own the Normandy, staying clear of Shepard and also his crew from leaving the Citadel.

Captain Anderchild meets through Shepard and also tells them he’s willing to assist them lift the lockdvery own so they deserve to continue their investigation. He has actually two plans: break right into Udina’s office and hack his terminal or assault the Citadel website traffic control.

If Shepard decides to leave the alternative to Anderboy, he’ll select to break right into the office.

Breaking into the Office (Paragon)


This option has actually Anderson barge into Citadel Control, headbutting a C-Sec officer right into unconsciousness as he does so. He then lifts the lockdvery own from the traffic manage terminal. He is shot by backup C-Sec police officers, yet maneras to accomplish his mission, and the Normandy can depart.

Be mindful after departing the Citadel. Ilos is the allude of no rerevolve for this game, so players will desire to tie up any loose ends prior to proceeding there.

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The only difference mechanically in between the two alternatives is that one nets the player Paragon points and the various other Renegade. However before, even if Anderson is swarm, tright here are no lasting results, and also the next time the player sees him, he’s fine.