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"Lay Your Hands on Me" (stylized as "LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME") is a song and also an EP of the same name by Japanese electronica/rock duo Boom Boom Satellites, released on June 22, 2016. The track is provided as the opening layout for the anime Kiznaiver. Due to vocalist and guitarist Michiyuki Kawashima"s failing health, "Lay Your Hands on Me" serves as Boom Boom Satellites" final document.

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Lay your hands on me while I"m bleeding dryBreak on with blue skies, I"ll take you higherCaught up in circlesAll desires and also bappropriate lightsWait I"m below always, brighter than sunshineI flyFly outFly out to your heartFly outFly outLay your hands on meStay close by my sideDrive me so crazy Moonlight and star shineFaded right into the establishing sunI"ll check out you aget I"ll carry onFeeling like I"m floating leaves in the fleeting skyYou deserve to sing that songLet it goMove onLet"s go way outSpaced outSpaced outLay your hands on me continue to be cshed to my eyesDrive me so crazy Wake up in your arms

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Boom Boom Satellites Boom Boom Satellites (ブンブンサテライツ, Bun Bun Sateraitsu?) is a Japanese electronic music duo consisting of guitarist and also vocalist Michiyuki Kawashima and bhelp and programmer Masayuki Nakano. While their music have the right to be greatly classified as big beat or nu skool breaks through hefty jazz influences, they are famous for the heavy consumption of electric guitars in their music, and also the final product often has a solid rock or punk flavor. They are currently signed to Sony Music Entertainment Japan, with whom they have actually released every one of their albums in Japan. even more »


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