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But once the Children of the Forest developed the extremely first White Walker (whom we think to be the Night King), his eyes instantly turned blue. They used some dark type of ice magic to rotate him so he’d execute their bidding, by stabbing his heart with dragonglass. But unlike wights, the Night King did not die as soon as his creator, Leaf, was killed.

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Instead, he resides on to produce more creatures that do his bidding. It shows up that the White Walkers have actually at leastern some knowledge, believed, and also independence, unchoose the wights. And they are produced in different ways. The Night King puts his hand on a baby’s challenge and turns it, and that baby proceeds to prosper. This is totally different from wights, who never before prosper as soon as they’re turned and don’t have to be touched to be turned.



And currently we’ve viewed a dragon turned into a “White Walker” form or a wight too.

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But as soon as it taken place, the Night King touched the dragon’s confront —simply choose he touched the baby’s face. That’s why it appears prefer this might be different than simply reanimating a corpse, because he actually touched Viserion when he increased the dragon ago to “life.”

But Viserion was dead, unchoose the babies, so in that tbelow is a difference between exactly how the babies are readjusted vs. the dragon.

Is it feasible that the dragon is somewhere in between? Not a wight, but not rather a White Walker, he lies somewbelow in the middle?

Let us understand what you think in the comments listed below.

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