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Pump it Up!

I’m a small red blood cell heading for the heart,The inferior vena cava’s wright here my journey starts,My O2 level’s low ‘cause I offered it the musclesin the legs once you were running it was powering your hustle

Now I’m in the ideal atrium, chamber number 1,All your blood comes right here, doesn’t matter where it’s from,premium vena cava drained the arms and head,It’s deoxygenated blood, cherry dark red!

I pass via a valve when the atrium contracts,This valve’s acquired two names, here are the facts.You might recognize it as best atrio-ventricularOr tricuspid if you desire to be particular

CHORUSPump it up! Pump it up!I check out your heart throbPump it up! Pump it up!Let me do my jobPump it up! Pump it up!Improve your condition,‘Cause oxygecountry is my mission.

Now to the next chamber right ventricle I pass,I’m experiencing I’m still low, in oxygen gas,Right ventricle contracts I’m heading for the lungs,Through the pulmonary valve, I initially obtain flung,

Now my location is the pulmonary artery,Which branches right and also left toward the device respiratory,Through smaller arteries to a lung capillaryWright here CO2 goes out of me and also oxygen goes into me,

I feel so great, I’m oxygenatedAnd I’m flowing to the pulmonary vein I’m elated,Causage I’m heading earlier to the heart as its thumpin’,To the left atrium as the heart keeps pumpin’


Left atrium sends me with the left a-v valve,Left Atrio-ventricular or bicuspid valve,To the left ventricle, which as soon as it contracts,sends out me through the aortic valve placing me on track,

To go to the aorta, the greatest artery,from tright here to any type of artery and also any kind of capillaryMaybe liver, bones, muscles, kidneys, brain, little intestines,Wherever before I go I’ll provide up oxygen,

And pick up some CO2, and go into a vein,and I’ll uncover myself in the vena cava aacquire,then ago to heart to repeat this story‘Bout our journey via the system circulatory,


Main points: can’t be over-ratedRight side of the heart’s …deoxygenatedLeft side has actually blood complete of …oxygen,Repeat that til you understand it now say it aobtain.

Right side blood:deoxygenatedLeft side blood:oxygenatedChambers on the top:atriaChambers on the bottom:ventriclesBiggest artery is the?Aorta,Vein that brings blood to the heart?The vena cavaAnd if you desire even more questions to reviewClick the link for circulatory mechanism rap 2