Featuring an innovative style, this portable tiny vacuum deserve to reach up high, down low, and right into tight spaces. Cyclonic activity spins dust and debris amethod from the filter, keeping suction strong. A 3-stage filtration device helps prevent clogs, and a wide-mouth style easily picks up huge debris.

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Features + Benefits

Innovative, patented nozzle pivots to clean up high, dvery own low and also also in tight spaces.Its high performance motor offers premium suction capability when compared to other Babsence & Decker cordmuch less hand vacs.The cyclonic activity spins dust and also debris ameans from the filter maintaining suction power solid.3-phase filtration device via a pleated filter style provides the highest possible level of filtration to assist proccasion clogs and improve air exhaust.Wide mouth architecture scoops up big debris.Sindicate flip up the brush to clean upholstery or extend the crevice to access tight spaces.The translucent, bagless dirt bowl has actually 42 percent even more capacity than the original Pivot Vac and also supplies a side door attribute for emptying dirt.For a much more thorough clean, sindicate remove the whole bowl from the unit and wash it in your sink.Filter flicker loosens embedded debris from filter to boost suction power.

Product Specs

BATTERY SENSE Battery Type Charge Duration Charger Charging Indicator Dustbowl Capacity Duty Type FILTER SENSE Power Rating Power Source POWERBOOST Product Type Replacement Filters Suction Power Weight
9 hrs
Jack Plug
15 oz.
18 V
Cordmuch less
35 AW
4.5 lbs
VacuumWashable filter (version PVF110)Pre-filterOn-board BrushOn-board Crevice ToolCharger

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