I"m just beginning Bioshock Infinite and came across a building for the Order of the Raven. I interrupted their meeting and also eliminated all the men assembled close to the altar, and on it I uncovered a crucial. When I picked it up, it sassist it was for an optional search, and that I need to go back to wbelow I"ve currently been to discover somewright here to usage it.

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I ran roughly a bit via the area I"d currently explored, but didn"t find anypoint to usage the vital on. Where have the right to I usage it?


The essential unlocks a chest in a house referred to as the "Lansdowne Residence." You"ll find this area from backtracking out of the Order of the Raven, over a skyhook grapple allude, and with either a dual doors or a skylight right into a bedroom.


From the bedroom, go down two flights of stairs to the middle level. There"s another bedroom and a bathroom on this floor, and also the chest is in the bedroom.


In the chest is a salt recoexceptionally item and an infusion. There"s also a voxophone in the room which describes why the chest (but not the key) is in the home.

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From wbelow you acquire the vital go ago with the level until the initially allude where you connect to a single hook. Look dvery own and you will watch a balcony, not one straight under you yet off to the side. Land tbelow and also go in residence and also dvery own a couple flights of stairs. In the second level from the bottom there is a bedroom through a large blue chest to the right of the doormethod. The essential unlocks the chest.

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