What"s this people coming to? Due to the fact that as soon as can"t a man make a buck by making his very own phony money without somebody counterfeiting the bogus bills?

"Anyone has the appropriate to go out and also make a three-dollar bill," Michael Dalton Johnson claims unequivocally.

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And that"s just what the Valley Center, Calif., publisher has actually been doing since 1993, as soon as he first figured that printing and also offering funny money can keep him laughing all the method to the bank.

Borrowing from the general architecture of a $1 Federal Reserve Note on the front and from the $5 Federal Reserve Keep in mind on the ago, Johnboy added a few satiric touches. Across the top, he coined "The Disgruntled States of America" to replace "The United States of America." On the backside is the slogan referring to the president: "In 3 Dollar Bill We Trust . . . Not!" and the photo of the White Housage featuring a "For Sale" authorize on the lawn.

Front and also center, these bills bear an unflattering portrait of a whistle-blowing Bill Clinton. The president has been Johnson"s favorite punch line because Inauguration Day, when he published the initially concern of Slick Times, now a 100,000-circulation bimonthly satire magazine dedicated to unmercicompletely ribbing Bill and Hillary Clinton.

"I simply thought the guy was funny," describes Johnkid, 47, disavowing the perception the magazine is owned by right-wing crackpots. "The I didn"t inhale," the philandering, the draft-dodging, the sax playing . . . When you watch him on TV, periodically it"s like your neighbor came to be president."

If sales of the three-dollar bills are an indication, others think so as well. "We"ve offered over a million pads," says Johnkid, who peddles 25 bills per pad for $3.50 from the pages of Slick Times and also using direct mail. One customer bought 15,000 loose bills to throw from his Mardi Gras float. Anvarious other hawks them to tourists on the sidewalk in front of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. The current congressional elections were a boon for the bills: Johnson estimates he gained 40,000 calls.

"A male buys a pad of bills and he becomes an prompt comedian," he states. "He starts handing them out to friends and also they all have my 800 number on them. Clinton was right as soon as he sassist if chosen he would certainly put human being to job-related. We"ve obtained 25 operators manning our 800 numbers. The three-dollar bill is bigger than the magazine."

Big sufficient that it soon attracted the sinceremainder form of flattery.

"There"s really nothing to say," replied Jeffrey A. Vickowski of Amherst Drop Zone Inc., one of 2 principals named in the lawsuit, when asked over the telephone around the civil activity versus the excess supply firm.

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"Anything else must be directed to the owners of the firm," Vickowski added. Asked the identification of the owners, he hung up.

The satirist pasupplies. He laughs, realizing this time the joke was probably on him: "I guess the irony of it is a counterfeiter sues a counterfeiter."