The the majority of ignored budget for GPUs today is what in which millions of gamers autumn and that is the $50-$100 price tag. Nvidia and also AMD have actually offered excellent graphics cards for $100-$200 however the sub $100 category feels like it has actually been abandoned for a lengthy time, maybe because we have actually APUs that percreate equivalent to the accessible GPUs for roughly $100?

But it must be also noted that with the newer APUs, one has to usage the latest chipset motherboards, very overclocked memory and so on for much better compatibility and performance, and for those who currently own a computer for a pair of years however want to upgrade their units to be capable of playing some games, they will need a dedicated GPU because upgrading to an APU will certainly price even more than $200 that will certainly incorporate the APU, motherboard and RAM(if existing RAM is not DDR4).

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So, following is the list of the finest accessible graphics cards for as low as $50 up to approximately $100 that should be adequate for standard 720p and also 900p gaming as well as 1080p gaming in some situations.

MSI AMD Radeon R7240

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AMD R7 240 can be one of the earliest accessible GPU ideal currently however regardless of this, it doesn’t disapallude in fundamental casual gaming. As tbelow are no other great GPUs accessible for around $50-$60, there is no much better different to it. With 2GB of DDR3 memory, you have the right to put the graphical settings at medium on 720p resolution and enjoy 30+ fps in the majority of of the games but don’t mean it to play some of the most intensive AAA titles with high fps.

As the card is a low profile GPU, you don’t require any type of exterior GPU power cable for this and the PCI-Ex 16 slot on the motherboard will certainly be sufficient to power it fully. This card has DVI, VGA and HDMI ports which will certainly be existing on most of the monitors and you won’t uncover any challenge in link.

I don’t understand if this graphics card is constantly easily accessible on Amazon however if you find one for less $60, then go via it.

MemoryMemory InterfaceCore ClockArchitectureDirectXOutputs
2gb DDR3

Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 550 2GB DDR5

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RX 550 is the founding suggest of the RX series of AMD. It’s based upon the Polaris style and is created the gamers that are really on a very tight budacquire. People that want to invest $300 in a gaming PC that can run games at 1080p can currently have their dreams come true. For just $70, this card is what a $250-$300 gaming build needs.

It has two versions: one is 2gb and the other is 4gb which is a little expensive. I don’t recommend going with a 4gb variation because at that price you deserve to buy a better graphics card which is RX 560. But the 2gb variation of this card is best for civilization who simply desire to start gaming at 1080p. If you don’t mind tool settings and also some aliasing in the games, then this one is the ideal point to go through.

It doesn’t have a PCI connector, so it will certainly attract the power from the motherboard PCI-Ex16 slot and also will make your COMPUTER much power efficient likewise making your expense lower by not needing a hefty power supply. You deserve to run it on a cheap power supply easily however I still recommfinish going at leastern through a 400 Watts power supply from EVGA or Cooler Master.

This card runs on 128-bit memory interface, has actually a core clock over 1100Mhz and also can be overclocked more than 1200Mhz. It can run all the latest games on medium settings at 1080p through 30-40fps but it have the right to run some games on medium-high settings with 40+ fps prefer GTA V, Overwatch, Fortnite etc.. This card is not supposed for as well much graphical extensive games like The Witcher 3 or Mass effect but you can sucount run those at 1080p medium settings via continuous 30+fps or even even more. For me at a budobtain of $300 for a gaming PC, I would not mind playing at 40fps on tool settings.


MemoryMemory InterfaceCore ClockArchitectureDirectXOutputs
2gb Gddr5
1x HDMI1x DVI-I1x DP

Gigabyte GT 1030 OC 2GB

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Nvidia GT 1030 is a low profile card and also reareas the previous generation 700 series graphics cards that were the many affordable cards previously. As the older cards were no much better than the Intel HD graphics, they were simply a waste of money. Although, the price of this card is around $90 however the performance is really worth the price. It offered to price much less than that yet given that it doesn’t have any kind of competitor other than the RX 550, Nvidia has actually priced it up a small little.

RX 550 vs GT 1030 Comparison

When compared to the RX 550, this beats the latter with approximately 5-10% difference although its even more power-efficient and also is only a 64-bit card. It has 2GB of VRAM and a lot of of its versions are low profile. They either have actually a really basic heatsink and also fan or some of them don’t also have actually a fan because it consumes extremely much less power and geneprices extremely less heat. Although, Gigabyte OC edition is a little step up in terms of style so you will get rather much better temperatures.

This card have the right to play any kind of game at 1080p tool settings. But don’t think that it have the right to offer you 50-60fps. It can provide you an average of 30-40fps in a lot of of the games on medium settings and that’s entirely playable which is still good specifically when you are on a tight budgain.Specs:-

MemoryMemory InterfaceCore ClockCuda coresArchitectureSLIDirectXOutputs
2gb Gddr5

XFX Radeon RX 560 2GB DDR5

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The Best and also the the majority of powerful Graphics card on this list that is currently priced under $100 is the XFX Radeon RX 560 through 2GB VRAM which is cheaper than all the various other RX 560s. It’s not usual that a card prefer RX 560 comes under $100 however currently, it is. RX 560 is the follower of the RX 460 and also is currently one of the ideal budacquire graphics cards under $100.

It deserve to quickly play games on medium-high settings at 1080p via 40-50fps which isn’t achievable through any kind of other graphics card detailed over. This renders it a real deal for Gaming which will certainly carry out you with the performance that no Integrated GPU deserve to, be it the RX Vega 11 of Ryzen 5 2400G. It attributes 1024 Stream Processors and a core clock of 1196MHz.

It’s a really power-reliable GPU with just 75 Watts of power intake which makes it independent on the exterior power supply connectors. The 2 fans and also the big aluminium heatsink on it are more than enough for cooling as it won’t warm up that much because of very low power usage. When we talk about Gaming with smovarious other performance, then no other GPU can perform the job as this one have the right to carry out under $100 and if its price goes over $100 by a few bucks, perform not hesitate to spfinish a tiny more to get at least 20% of boost in performance over the GT 1030.Specs:-

MemoryMemory InterfaceCore ClockCuda coresArchitectureCrossfireXDirectXOutputs
2gb Gddr5
fourth Gen GCN
1x HDMI1x DVI1x DP

Important things you have to know prior to you buy a Graphics card

1. Price and also Requirements


Make sure before you buy a graphics card, you understand your budobtain. You can have $100 or also $500 for buying a GPU but if you are going to develop a completely brand-new PC then specifying and also distributing the expenditure between various components is a tiny hard. If you are buying a brand-new COMPUTER, then make sure you don’t buy an overkill graphics card for your CPU. A Pentium processor can’t take care of RTX 2080 or GTX 2080 Ti. Similarly, a GT 1030 is as well slow for an i7 9700K.


Anvarious other essential point is to specify your needs. Without knowing what you desire, you can either overspend or underspend on your graphics card. If you are simply founding out and also want to gain some eSports or Casual games then a budget graphics card will certainly be enough for the task. But in instance you desire to enjoy the games on ultra textures at 1080p or higher resolution then you will must buy higher-finish graphics cards like RTX 2070 or RTX 2080 etc.

2. How much VRAM you need?

VRAM is the memory that is various from the major device RAM and is only dedicated in the direction of giving the horsepower your graphics require. Every dedicated Graphics card has actually some dedicated VRAM which now in contemporary GPUs deserve to vary from 1GB up to 16GB. To play games on higher settings at 1080p at leastern, you have to have actually about 3-4GB VRAM on your Graphics card. If you go reduced than that, then you might have to reduced down some of the settings in your games for obtaining good frames per second.

If you desire to max out textures, anti-aliasing, foliage, shadows and so on in a AAA game, then you will require at least 6GB of VRAM that is present in GTX 1660 and higher-end Graphics cards. Right currently, I don’t know of any kind of game that uses more than that other than in the instance of higher resolution prefer 4K.

3. Adequate cooling solution

Low Profile graphics cards have smaller sized heatsinks and therefore aren’t reliable in keeping good temperatures if you overclock them yet graphics card with bigger aluminium heatsinks through copper heat pipes through 2 or more fans are extremely advantageous for keeping great temperature also while overclocking to the full potential. If you are not doing any type of overclocking, you must still make certain that your COMPUTER chassis has sufficient ventilation for appropriate air intake and exhaust.

4. Kcurrently your graphics card’s power consumption

Different graphics cards have various TDP and their power usage vary. So, you have to inspect the graphics card’s TDP before buying it. Make certain your power supply is having actually enough wattage capacity to run your entirety system without any kind of bottleneck.

A device that supplies low finish or budacquire components will have actually no trouble in running on a 400 watts reputable power supply yet when it pertains to running an RTX 2080 Ti, i7 9700K, Multiple Fans, AIO coolers, and also numerous storage gadgets, then you will certainly require a greater wattage power supply. Make sure you examine the TDP of every one of your components and view if your PSU still has actually enough wattage capacity to power your Graphics card.

Another crucial point to note is the graphics card power ports. Make sure your Power supply has those power connectors that your graphics card calls for. A GPU through 6-pin port will usage a 6-pin power connector from the power supply. Usually, practically all the budobtain power gives in the modern day have a 6-pin power connector at the minimum. If your graphics card has actually 2x 8-pin power ports, your PSU should have actually those in order to run the graphics card through stcapability.

5. I/O Connectors and their use

Sometimes a details graphics card from a various manufacturer will certainly not have the I/O ports for connectivity as your monitor calls for to show the display. Check the I/O ports at the back of your monitor and also likewise the I/O ports of the graphics card you are buying.

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If your monitor is a 144Hz gaming monitor, then you have to have a DVI port or a DP port on your monitor/GPU to obtain those 144Hz refresh rate smoothness. Make sure both your graphics card and also monitor have actually these ports to stop the mishappening.