Eric Williams is a professional tattooer who has actually been tattooing for nearly 10 years. He and his wife, Krista, chose to open up Cutlass so they couldmarket a far better tattooendure to the area and also tourists. Williams is not only passionate around creating andusing tattoos, yet additionally the background of tattooing and also the building of tatas well devices."I think it's necessary to add to eincredibly facet of being an artist and a professional. It makes a distinction once you can do more than simply use a tatalso. Painting ,drawing,and structure machines all contribute to me being able to give a better tatas well." -Williams.

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Joe L.

I've been gaining tattoos from Eric for years. Hands down one of the best artists in East Tennescheck out. I refer anyone I recognize to Eric and also they have never before been disappointed. If you desire to gain a good tatalso that will look remarkable for years to come. Go view Eric Williams.

Im at the resolve, yet I dont view a tatalso shop, wright here is it?

-Our shop is situated in the earlier corner of a shopping mall. It deserve to not be seen from the parking lot, but we are here! Once you park, walk towards the back corner and we are alongside the deli.

What are your prices/ shop minimum?

-Our shop minimum is 80$. As far as tatalso pricing, each piece is priced individually by the artist. Prices are based upon size and location of tatalso. For an estimate, or consulatation please come in to the shop. (do not contact for estimates)

Can I carry my kids to the shop?

- Absolutely, offered they have actually another person to watch them, or are over the age of 12 and also have the right to watch themself. No youngsters are allowed right into the actual tatas well room, yet may sit in the lobby.

Does getting a tatas well hurt?

-In brief, yes. Intensity relies on size, placement, and each persons individual skin kind. Millions of civilization have recieved tattoos and also made it through, you will certainly too!

How old carry out you need to be to get a tattoo/ What execute I need to get a tattoo?

- The regulation in the State of Tennesview claims that a perchild must be 18 to get a tatas well, NO exceptions.( Parental consentdoesNOT adjust that.)

You will certainly require a non-expired state issued I.D. such as a license or gun permit.

Can I obtain a tattoo if Im pregnant?

-No, there is too a lot risk through contracting an infection. Please wait unitl after baby is born.

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Why perform I need to pay a deposit for an appointment or to have a design attracted up?

-Deposits go directly in the direction of the price of your tatalso and also are non-refundable. They are recquired so that the artist does not waste their time illustration up a architecture, just to be canceled on. Deindicators are building of the artist and also will not be released till deposit is phelp so that the art is not stolen and also provided somewhere else (time wasted) .