Finding a Slow Pitch Softround Bat deserve to be a job provided all the alternatives. Here are a few crucial points to store in mind:

All Slow Pitch softball bats have actually a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter. Many models come in 26 oz., 27 oz., 28 oz., and 30 oz.Bigger players looking to swing for the fence have to look for a bat in the 28 oz to 30 oz array.Smaller or average sized players or those looking for more bat speed need to usage a bat in the 25 to 27 oz. array.Slow Pitch bats are 34 inches lengthy and weigh from 26 - 30 ounces. 

Making certain your bat meets your league or tournament rules is important, so be certain to check your league"s listings to view what specs are vital. There are many type of different sanctioned leagues such as ASA, USSSA, NSA, and Senior Organization Softsphere. 


Choosing the Right Slow Pitch Bat: Balanced vs. End Loaded

Slow Pitch softround bats are designed in two distinctive weights: Balanced and also End Loaded. Players looking to geneprice as a lot bat rate possible will certainly be finest suited to a balanced design.

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Contact hitters, likewise known as “base hitters," typically pick balanced models for a smovarious other swing and also even more bat regulate. With their weight spread evenly throughout the bat, balanced models function a reduced MOI (Moment of Inertia) than end loaded models. The lower the MOI, the quicker the bat deserve to be swung. 

Balanced bats total weight is evenly distributed throughout the bat"s length from knob to finish cap.If a player can geneprice high swing speeds currently, they may advantage more from a finish loaded bat. With more weight oriented towards the end of the barrel, and merged through high swing speeds, finish loaded bats cause more distance on call. This design is the desired choice for a lot of power hitters. End loaded bats typically have actually either a 0.5 oz. or 1 oz. fill in the barrel. Some End Loaded Bats may have up to 3 oz towards the finish of the barrel for even even more whip with the zone. End loaded bats have weight oriented towards the finish of the bat.End loaded bats have actually extra mass in the barrel, so a player deserve to generate more momentum through their swing for even more distance on contact.

Your Slow Pitch softball bat selection comes dvery own to what you’re comfortable swinging. HB Sports recommends assessing your swing during a couple of rounds of batting practice.


ASA Slowpitch Softsphere Bat Standards

As of 2013, the Amateur Softsphere Association introduced a new certification stamp and also a new softsphere. Bats that lug this stamp are designed to hit .52 COR 300 Compression softballs. ASA produced these new softballs to enhance player security on the area. These softballs are bouncier than the previous ASA balls and also are mandatory for ASA softball sanctioned events. Softsphere bats through the old ASA marks from 2000 and also 2004 are no longer legal various other then in Outlaw Leagues or some WSL Events. 

Altered Slow Pitch softsphere bats deserve to cause a ban of 2-5 years from ASA Sanctioned events and are not returnable under Manufacturer Warranties.ASA Models are designed to hit the 52/300 Softround, hitting other balls is not recommended and also may result in broken compowebsite, or damaged bats.

If you’re not sure which softball bat, particularly ASA bat is apshowed for your league, feel free to call us at anytime. We will certainly execute our ideal to discover your sanctioning, and also get you the bat you need! You have the right to additionally examine the ASA Rule Book Page for even more information from USA Softround. 


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USSSA and NSA Bat Standards for Slow Pitch

As of 2013 bats supplied in USSSA Slowpitch Softsphere Leagues must carry the new USA Specialty Sports Association USSSA “thumbprint” stamp. USSSA had readjusted their testing typical for sanctioned events, which is why the brand-new stamp was created. National Softball Association NSA, also requires slow-moving pitch bats to lug their stamp, but most bats that have USSSA stamp will likewise have actually the NSA stamp.

Softsphere bats with the old USSSA stamp (pre-2013) are no longer apverified for USSSA sanctioned events. Heavily damanged, dented, or roughed up bats may not be permitted for game-usage, umpires and also tournaments directors deserve to make this call in game.Altered USSSA and also NSA Modeled Slow Pitch softsphere bats can result in a ban of 2-5 years from ASA Sanctioned occasions and also are not returnable under Manufacturer Warranties.

If you’re not certain which softball bat, particularly USSSA or NSA bat is approved for your league, feel complimentary to call us at anytime. We will carry out our ideal to uncover your sanctioning, and also obtain you the bat you need! You deserve to also examine the USSSA New Bat Guideline Page, or NSA Rule Publication Page for more indevelopment from USA Softball.



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SSUSA Slow Pitch Bat Standards

Senior Softball USA SSSUSA calls for that a bat carries a BPF (Bat Performance Factor) stamp of 1.21 and under. If a bat is labeled “Official Softround," it is most likely approved for these leagues too. 

If a softround bat exceeds the 1.21 BPF rating, it will certainly not be allowed in the SSUSA and also will certainly be rerelocated from sanctioned events.If a bat is dented, cracked, or reflects the majority of wear, the softball bat will certainly not be enabled in sanctioned events.Altered SSUSA Modeled Slow Pitch softround bats have the right to cause a ban of 2-5 years from ASA Sanctioned events and also are not returnable under Manufacturer Warranties.

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If you’re not sure which softball bat, especially SSUSA bat is apverified for your league, feel totally free to contact us at anytime. We will certainly carry out our best to uncover your sanctioning, and get you the bat you need! You deserve to additionally check the Senior Softround Association Rule Publication Page for more indevelopment and regulations.