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Before my spray tanning days at So Boutique I tried so many self tanners and confront self tanners. The thing that irritated me the many was the smell! I’m really sensitive to smell and also it would certainly make me sick. Then I would break out. Sometimes I would certainly be unalso. It would hyper pigment my Eastern yellow skin.

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After I started spray tanning via Body Bronze Products I didn’t have actually that difficulty anymore. I don’t constantly have actually time to acquire my spray tan even though I occupational at So You Boutique and also airbrush spray tan clients all day. Like exactly how a cobbler’s boy doesn’t have actually shoes, a spray tanning artist doesn’t have her spray tan! I love my face and also legs to be tan the most. In the winter I have the right to forgo the body at times yet the face I cannot.

I perform have actually a bottle of MD Face at house to aid via m laziness and forgetful problem. Here’s why I love this product:

The #1 Flawmuch less Facial Tanning Spray recommfinished by some of the top plastic surgeons & dermatologist in the world! This clear self-tanning aerosol spray is a great product for those who would choose a safe, healthy looking tan for the challenge without the danger of having clogged pores from a bronzer. The spray is clear; however coloration will appear in 2-3 hours. M.D. FACE is the perfect sunless facial tanner for world who have acne, age spots or any various other skin imperfections that the bronzers tend to emphadimension.

tan develops in 2-3 hourshealthy and balanced glow, no orangenon-clogging, dermatologist recommended

Here’s a brief video to display you exactly how to perform it.

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It’s an aerosol spray so you acquire the outcomes you would certainly with our airbrush tan at the studio. You really can’t mess it up! Order it virtual in our shop!