An inverse navel piercing is done on the bottom fold of the belly switch fairly than on the height. Apart from position it is specifically choose the straight forward belly button piercing. Depfinishing on your anatomy, you might favor this place of navel piercing if you have actually even more skin on the bottom area of the belly button. You can also pierce both optimal and also bottom of the navel for a double navel piercing!

How Much Does it Cost?

The expense arrays from studio to studio, but are frequently everywhere from $35-$70. Almeans remember to opt for a studio you trust, quite than going to studio via bad reviews bereason of a low price!

Healing Time

The healing time for a navel piercing or inverse navel piercing is 6-8 months. Never before spin, rotate or play with any healing piercing! This brings dirt and bacteria into the healing location and can cause migration.

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Which Body Jewelry Do I Use?

The market traditional for a belly switch ring is a stainmuch less steel 14G curved barbell. Any jewelry thinner than this might reduced the skin approximately the piercing or be pulled out altogether.

Length 7/16". During healing you should have actually a much longer bar to enable for swelling, discharge and also other healing nastiness. Often times this would certainly be the length of 7/16". After healing you have the right to opt for a shorter more fitted bar. Often this is at the size of 3/8" or 5/16". Go ago to your piercer to be sure to be fitted for the best dimension for your body!



Sea salt soaks twice a day utilizing non-iodized salt and filtered water (at a ratio of 4 teaspoons of salt to a galleon of water) at a warmed temperature. Use a swarm glass or little glass (porcelain is okay too) and also press it to the stomach over the piercing in order to develop a suction and then lean ago and let it soak for five to ten minutes.

For more details on just how to execute a sea salt soak examine out our post.

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Avoid lakes, the sea and also other public bodies or water favor spas and swimming pools which harbor many bacteria!

What Are The Risks?

Due to the lengthy healing time of this piercing, you"re most likely to get a lot of flare ups in the time of this time. Ride them out while making use of great after treatment – sea salt soaks twice a day – and also if anything out of the ordinary happens, go straight to your piercer!

 Like any body piercing, always make certain to examine via your body piercer via concerns and pertains to around the procedure, prices and after care. If you have doubts around a healing piercing return to your piercer immediately. With years of endure, they know what they"re doing!