Britta: from currently on we’ll be using code names. you deserve to deal with me as: eagle 1

Jeff, code name “been there, done that”

Annie is “presently doing that”

Abed is “it happened one in a dream”

Troy, code name “if I had actually to pick a dude”

Shirley is… Eagle 2

Shirley: oh thank God

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Rey: From currently on, we will certainly be using code names. You can attend to me as Eagle One. Finn, code name - Been There, Done That. Kylo is Right now Doing That. Poe is It Happened Once in a Dream. Rose, code name - If I Had To Pick a Girl. BB8 is – Eagle Two.

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BB8: Beeps through joy and also relief.

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I’ve been really dvery own in the dumps lately and stressed so I rewatched every one of parks and also reproduction and this is the result…


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Trini: Okay, from now on we're going to use code names. You deserve to address me as Eagle One.

Trini: Zack, code name: Been Tright here, Done That.

Trini: Kimberly: Currently Doing That.

Trini: Billy: It Happened Once in a Dream.

Trini: Jakid is 'If I Had To Pick A Jock'

Trini: And ultimately, Zordon... Eagle Two

Zordon: Oh, give thanks to god.

Maya: From now on, we will be using codenames. You deserve to deal with me as "Eagle One."

Maya: Lucas, codename: "Been Tbelow, Done That."

Maya: Riley is "Currently Doing That."

Maya: Zay is "It Happened Once in a Dream."

Maya: Smackle - codename, "If I Had to Pick a Genius."

Maya: Farkle will certainly be... "Eagle Two."

Farkle: Oh, say thanks to God.




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Disclaimer: does not endorse the biphobia in this comic, and it is just contained for completeness.