With so many points that gained put on hold over the last year or 2, everyone is all set to acquire back to normal. But periodically, ‘Normal’ seems to be moving to rapid. Enjoy a minute of Old time Christmas through these amazing brand-new , old style Santa and Mrs. Claus costume for sale at Beauty and the Beastern Costumes, Chattanooga. Enjoy the seakid dancing roughly the Christmas Tree in that New, Old Fashioned method.

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It’s that time of year again when world are looking to purchase colored contact lenses for the spookiest look ever before. Unfortunately, the window of chance on those has more than likely closed. Here is your yearly reminder from the FDA:

“All call lenses should be prescribed by a medical professional, including decorative lenses. Any contact lenses that are not prescribed by a physician are illegal and can reason you damage.”


This year’s window design template is Crazy Mixed up Halloween, but it could additionally be “Keep throwing things at the wall and also view what sticks.” With all of the shipping problems plaguing retailers, all puns intended, 2021 is going to require more world to think outside package, maybe usage what they have, mix up pieces of discount costumes via unusual accessories to come up via somepoint brand-new and also different.

While not exactly Politically Correct, this year’s hottest costumes may be Political in nature. The a lot of recognizable costumed activist of the year has to be the Shaman. Love him or hate him, everyone knows who it is. You deserve to copy his unique look via a buffalo hat, a vampire cape, two raccoon caps, some makeup, a toy spear and also a flag bandana. Wear with a pair of khakis and also possibly have actually a frifinish draw triangles and also a big Thor’s hammer on your chest.

If you’re a little much less crafty, you have the right to always grab a Jailbird costume, probably a wig, and readjust the number on your chest to the name of your least favorite politician.


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You can’t constantly get what you want…

But if you attempt periodically, you just can find.You just could uncover, you get what you need!

The immortal words of Keith Richards & Mick Jagger seem to be the anthem for Halloween 2021. Massive supply chain breakdowns across the nation are bring about shorteras on everything from groceries to *OH NO!* Halloween props and costumes!

Have No FEAR! Beauty and also the Beast is Here. The joy of being a Real Costume shop is that Beauty and also the Beastern Costumes, Chattanooga is right here all year long. We have been receiving shipments since June. While a couple of odds and also ends are still absent, we have actually massive quantities of inventory in stock. Come on over to Red Bank and examine out what Beauty has actually in keep for you. And while you’re here, check out the development our handsome, silver haired Beastie has been up to.


For those who still don’t know, Beauty and also the Beastern Costumes, Chattanooga is a household owned and also operated, local store that is open up all year for your costume and also makeup requirements. Each Halloween, we gradually extfinish our hours towards that massive day. This can be confmaking use of, so here’s the calendar via our times on it to aid.


Having difficulties finding excellent quality masks at reasonable prices? Look no farther! All the a lot of sought after collectable masks are ideal right here in Red Bank at Beauty and also the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga. No should location orders digital and hope for the best, just walk in and also check out how a lot nicer ours are. Neat, clean, untouched, and also customized at Zero additional expense.


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What’s Happening at Beauty and also the Beast Costumes?

Life sure has been interesting, hasn’t it? Last year, with the Covid quarantine, the B&B household started the round rolling on some astronomical renovation tasks. For customers, that supposed two entirely remodeled rooms. If you haven’t had a opportunity to inspect out the Barget Boutique and the comfortable new Family style Dressing room area, you need to drop in for a peek.

This year, most of the alters are behind the scenes as we proceed to clean out and also organize our multiple storage rooms. How does that affect our clientele? Hopecompletely, optimizing our inventory will certainly help the staff situate items and assist customers through simple selection. This year, Beauty and also the Beast Costume staff is lowering prices on over fifty percent of our child-sized costumes to help ease anxiety for families on tight budgets. Plus, we are including a brand-new set of shelves in the Barget Boutique to accommoday family members and minimize sensory overload for those who sometimes feel overwhelmed.

So great to have so many kind of last-minute fun institution jobs. I hope that everyone had as much fun and also excitement as we did!

Curtain contact for Shrek the Musical, Jr. performed by the Center for Creative Arts. Most costumes by Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga

As everyone tried to fit a year’s worth of occasions in one month, we at Beauty & the Beastern, Chattanooga were happy to lfinish a hand via a number of institution plays. The biggest production was Shrek, the Musical presented by CCA. Berean Acadamy lastly obtained the long-awaited Sence and Senceablitlies across the boards. This year’s Endurance Award hregarding Mrs. McHenry that directed The Addams’ Family quick on the heels of an additional Jane Austin duration item at Lake View Fort Oglethorpe.

The cast of Sence and also Sensibility at Berean Acadamy. Most costumes by Beauty & the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga

Your humble webmistress and costumer extraordinaire will try to obtain more photos for you shortly.

First and foremany – YES we are still open! Sadly, the quarantine did close a lot of little businesses, however Beauty & the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga is still your one-speak shop for costumes and also connected items all year long. Like many type of families, we have actually gone via some alters and also invested a great deal of time solving up and also cleaning out.

One of our best, and constantly ongoing projects is to upday this webwebsite. In order to bring the webwebsite as much as day, we began doing an comprehensive inventory of all the costumes that we market last January. Yeah, well, I got the adult-sized stuff mostly counted and added to the website. This is as soon as I noticed that a big variety of items detailed carry out not have actually photos easily accessible while other items had actually oversized and also poorly cropped imeras.

Before I could end up addressing those problems, I gained a great significant project making costumes for Shrek the Musical, Jr for Chattanooga School for Creative Arts. I was extremely excited about the possibility to make some really fun and pretty costumes. Mind you, I entirely forgot about EASTER and also gained rather behind. Luckily, the show did get every little thing they needed and all went well. Now I have actually went back to the Website Project and found the “Edit Menu” buttons… Yeah, that’s not going so well. So here’s a fabulous video of the brand-new Dragon head I made for Shrek. Enjoy!

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Spring Cleaning!

With Covid-19 still hanging about, we made a decision that it’s time to do some SPRING CLEANING at Beauty & the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga. It started through a deep dive right into the back stock rooms which had actually become cluttered and unarranged throughout last Summer’s renovations. Much prefer cleaning out a home’s cluttered garage, our cache turned up some lengthy forgotten inventory. After 6 solid weeks of counting and organizing just Adult sized costumes, it has been determined that a significant purge is required. Drastic price reductions on a big percentage of our robust variety is presently undermethod. Keep checking this webwebsite over the Spring & Summer seasons to browse ever before expanding selection of closeouts.

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In conjunction through the Great Spring Cleaning Inventory Reduction, we’re likewise going to be revising the webwebsite to make it easier to use on mobile devices. Please pardon our thriving pains.

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