How to play Fish Eater:

In Fish Eater you play as a small fish in a huge pond. You should become the best by ending up being the biggest. Fish Eater is largely played by utilizing either the arrowhead keys; the W, A, S, and D keys; or the brand-new touch display screen joystick. You may usage the secrets to move in any direction in the water. Your goal is simple: eat smaller sized fish to come to be bigger. Fish are colored according to if you might eat them or not.

Controls The directional arrow tricks or the WASD tricks can be used to manage the fish Touch all over on the game location and also drag to make a joystick. Press T to rerelocate your powerup. Touch everywhere on the game area twice in a row to cancel your powerup. If you have no powerup it wil pausage. Tap aobtain to unpausage. Click on the game area or press the spacebar to toggle the pausage.

The colors are as complies with.

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Yellow: This is you. You regulate this fish.
Green: These fish deserve to be eaten to make you bigger and also give you health.
Purple: These fish deserve to be consumed to make you bigger, give you wellness, and also provide you a short-term power-up. More on power-ups later on.
Red: These fish deserve to not be consumed to make you bigger and will certainly take ameans health if you touch them.

To eat a fish, you ssuggest run right into it"s body through your body. Tails have no effect as soon as touched.

The power-ups are as adheres to.

Fly: This will let you soar through the air as if it was water. Fast: They can not eat you if they can not catch you. This lets you deserve to acceleprice twice as rapid and jump high off-screen. Heal: You magically begin to heal extremely quickly. Control Song: This eerie song will certainly pressure fish to swim to the surchallenge, yet be careful, some are also smart to autumn for the trick. Invincibility: This power-up will certainly let you swim right past the big red fish. Time Stop: This deserve to assist pick up some straightforward snacks or protect against peril. Pac-man: No fish is safe from your hunger. Super: This is the ultimate power-up, yet can you make it last long enough?

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About Fish Eater

Version 4.0.0

Fish Eater is a little game developed by me, Jonathan Duck.

Technical: Fish Eater was initially written in C# as a quick bit game attracted via GDI+. When I read about HTML5 and also the canvas, I chose to attempt it out. The first release of the Chrome App was a literal copy and also paste, then patch it up simply enough to work-related in JavaScript. It has actually given that been rewritten from scrape.

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What"s New

4.0.0 Complete Rewrite This About Display you are looking at Touch display assistance *Quick has been toned down! No even more Spawn powerup. It might or may not come earlier. Lots of pretty symbols thanks to Font Awesome


The game code is released under MIT license. Check it out on The Android app is home of Jonathan Duck, carry out not redistribute.



If you are interested in donating to advancement, you deserve to either use the PayPal docountry attach above or buy the application on Google Play