Will Berhchange play his strongest USMNT XI vs. Mexico or Panama? (2:26)Herculez Gomez and also Sebastian Salazar controversy whether Gregg Berhchange will certainly save his finest USMNT XI for Panama. (2:26)


MEXICO CITY -- While United States coach Gregg Berhchange wasn"t willing to divulge any details about the founding XI he"ll use in Thursday"s World Cup qualifier versus Mexico, he downplayed the principle Wednesday that team is willing to play for a draw at the Estadio Azteca.

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"We want to win all three games ," he said. "We"re going to put a team on the area in Mexico that is going to try and win the game."

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Berhchange didn"t dismiss the concept that the team can field a "B" squad, with the goal of continuing to be fresh for Sunday"s pivotal game versus fourth-place Panama in Orlando. He recognized he took the idea to his staff and also they discussed its merits.

"I think it was a crucial exercise to perform for us," he shelp. "We came out with our answer, and you"ll see tomorrow. Undoubtedly, there"s no damage in looking at both sides of this point."

The USA has never before won a competitive match at the Azteca and is 0-3-3 all time in the venue in World Cup qualifying.

"Our document here is horrendous. The odds are versus us obtaining somepoint out of the game," Berhtransform shelp. "We understand that. We realize that. That"s simply exactly how it is and we"re concentrated on going in and being tough to play versus."


1 - Canada1125+14
2 - USA1121+9
3 - Mexico1121+6
4 - Panama1117+1
5 - Costa Rica11161
6 - El Salvador119-7
7 - Jamaica117-7
8 - Honduras113-17
1-3 qualify; 4 right into playoff

UNITED STATE star attacker Christian Pulisic also wasn"t willing to concede the Americans will be content not to chase 3 points.

"It would certainly intend every little thing ," he shelp. "We know it"s not going to be straightforward. Of course, we"ve got the better of them in the last couple of games, yet that suggests nopoint coming into tomorrow"s game. So we"re going must battle, we"re going to require one more top performance and continue to do the things that we have actually been doing in the previous games against them.

"We"re going to need an remarkable performance to win aobtain tomorrow."

The weight of the upcoming encounter hasn"t been shed on Mexico manager Gerardo "Tata" Martino either, despite an effort to minimize it after a 1-0 win over Panama during the previous qualifying window.

"Probably yes," said Martino when asked if the match vs. the USA will certainly be the many essential in his time via El Tri. "I think that the previous Panama game was very, exceptionally essential , particularly because it was the last of a three-game run. We had actually the immediate must win it. I think it was the many important game in our management , and I think in this one, it has a comparable facet.

"If we achieve a victory tomorrow, it would practically bring us close to a World Cup," he added.

The USA and Mexico enter the last round of CONCACAF qualifying tied via 21 points, behind first-location Canada (25 points). In the initially meeting in between the rivals in the time of qualifying, the UNITED STATE won 2-0 for its 3rd right victory in the series, consisting of wins in the CONCACAF Nations League and Gold Cup finals.

After the game against Panama, the UNITED STATE will take a trip to fifth-area Costa Rica (16 points).

The peak 3 teams in CONCACAF qualifying will certainly receive an automatic place at the Qatar World Cup, with the fourth-area team needing to beat the OCEANIA champion in a one-complement playoff in Qatar in June.

With the UNITED STATE seeking to stop the disaster of absent out on a 2nd right World Cup, Berhtransform shelp he had actually left his staff no doubt regarding what"s at stake over the next three games.

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"One thing I told the staff in our meeting as we began camp was this is more than likely the best week of our lives as expert coaches," he shelp. "And that"s just honest. I"ve coached in Columbus and also I"ve coached an MLS last and stuff prefer this however this is bigger than that."

Later Wednesday, the U.S. squad announced the defender Reggie Cannon was organized out of training because of a inconclusive COVID-19 test.