Many type of people have a difficult time finding their dimension in a shoe save, and also it is even even more challenging to find a shoe that fits in an appealing style. This is partly bereason the most well-known sneaker sizes for both men and womales are obtaining larger and also larger eincredibly few decades.

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In the US, the average shoe size is 11 for males and 8.5 for woguys. Globally, the average shoe size for males is between 9 and 12 with an average of 10.5, and also women’s average shoes size is in between 7 and 9 with an average of 8.

Height additionally plays a role in average shoe sizes. Taller world mainly have actually bigger feet, and also shorter human being normally have smaller sized feet, although there are exceptions as everyone’s feet are slightly various.

Men’s average shoe dimension based on height: The average shoe size for an average Amerihave the right to men that are 6 feet tall is between 11 to 12. The average eight for Asian males are 5’7”, and also their shoe size is approximately 8.5 to 9.5.

Men HeightAverage Shoe size
Under 5’5″7 – 9
5’6″ – 5’9″9.5 – 10.5
5’10” – 6’2″11 – 12.5
6’3″+13 – 20+

Men’s global shoe dimension conversion chart (CM to Inches)


Women’s average shoe dimension based upon height: An Eastern woman who is in between 4’9” and 5’3” normally has actually feet that variety from 5 to 8.5 in U.S. sizes. Women that are in between 5’4” and also 5’7” may wear shoes in sizes from 6.5 to 9.5, and also women that are 5’8” or taller can wear sizes 9 to 13.

Woguys HeightTypical Shoe size
Under 5’3″5 to 8.5
5’4″ – 5’7″6.5 to 10
5’8″+9 to 15

Women’s worldwide shoe dimension conversion chart (CM to Inches)


However before, it is important to think about the width of your foot because your foot could be a dimension 9 in length, yet if you have a foot that is wide near the optimal, you could require a shoe that is slightly bigger as well as extra-wide to allow your toes to spreview properly in your shoes once you are running or doing other activities.

For women, life events such as pregnancy can additionally influence shoe dimension. When womales are pregnant, they regularly notification their feet end up being broader, and this readjust deserve to be temporary as a result of added weight or irreversible bereason of the hormone relaxin secreted in the placenta that loosens the foot’s ligaments.

How to Meacertain Your Feet Size at Home

Tape a sheet of paper on the floor.Placed your foot on the paper with your leg slightly bent and your shin in front of your ankle.Trace the outline of your bare foot.Draw a right line on each side of your foot, so that it looks prefer your tracing is in a rectangle.Use a ruler to measure the inches between the 2 parallel lines on each side of your foot—peak to bottom and side to side.Subtract 3/16 of an inch from each measurement.

These shoe dimension tables will certainly assist you uncover your true dimension as soon as the measuring process is finish.

Mens to Womens Shoe Size Conversion

Men’s Shoe SizeWomen’s Shoe Size

USA Men’s Shoe Size (Inches)

SizeLength in Inches
69 1/4″ (9.4 in)
6.59 1/2″ (9.5 in)
79 5/8″ (9.6 in)
7.59 3/4″ (9.8 in)
89 15/16″ (10.0 in)
8.510 1/8″ (10.1 in)
910 1/4″ (10.2 in)
9.510 7/16″ (10.5 in)
1010 9/16″ (10.6 in)
10.510 3/4″ (10.7 in)
1110 15/16″ (11.0 in)
11.511 1/8″ (11.1 in)
1211 1/4″ (11.3 in)
1311 9/16″ (11.6 in)
1411 7/8″ (11.9 in)
1512 3/16″ (12.2 in)
1612 1/2″ (12.5 in)

USA Women’s Shoe Size (Inches)

SizeLength in Inches
48 3/16″ (8.2 in)
4.58 5/16″ (8.4 in)
58 11/16″ (8.5 in)
5.58 13/16″ (8.7 in)
69″ (8.9 in)
6.59 3/16″ (9.1 in)
79 5/16″ (9.3 in)
7.59 1/2″ (9.4 in)
89 11/16″ (9.5 in)
8.59 13/16″ (9.7 in)
910″ (9.9 in)
9.510 3/16″ (10.0 in)
1010 5/16″ (10.2 in)
10.510 1/2″ (10.3 in)
1110 11/16″ (10.5 in)
11.510 13/16″ (10.7 in)
1211″ (10.9 in)

How to Figure out Your True Shoe Size

Meacertain your foot from the heel to the reminder of your longest toe at the end of the day in instance of any type of growth or swelling. Make certain to meacertain both of your feet bereason many type of human being have feet that are various sizes, and it is crucial to buy shoes that are big enough for the larger foot.

Note both the size and the width, as civilization have the right to have many type of various combicountries, such as a lengthy foot that is narrowhead or a small foot that is extra broad.

If your size is in the middle of 2 sizes, go via the bigger size to avoid issues through discomfort and foot pain.

Be careful not to assume that your dimension in one sneaker is instantly the very same in another—the make and also brand also of each shoe reasons it to fit differently, and periodically the difference is so slight that it can not be noticeable best amethod. However, if you begin to develop foot pain over time, it is vital to view a podiatrist, as many kind of human being carry out not realize that the cause of foot problems often stems from wearing shoes that are just a little bit as well little.

In reality, according to the research from the College of Podiaattempt, out of 2,000 adults, one-third of the males (34 percent) and also practically half of the womales (46 percent) had actually bought shoes that did not rather fit. Unfortunately, twice as many type of respondents bought shoes that were too tiny than too massive.

Below is a chart with a review of their factors with the matching percentages.


Twenty percent of the human being surveyed shelp they had actually trouble finding shoes that are wide sufficient, and 51 percent sassist they struggresulted in discover shoes that are comfortable, however still stylish. Seventeenager percent of the respondents said they had never even had their feet measured prior to.

Even if your feet are measured by an professional at a shoe store, make certain that the shoes in that size are actually comfortable for your feet. Feet differ fairly dramatically from perboy to perkid in shape and past injuries, so even if you are told your best size on paper, it might require slight adjustments as soon as it pertains to sneakers in various brands or formats.

Why average shoe sizes are increasing

Interestingly, people’s feet are acquiring larger over time. In reality, in the time of the previous thirty years, the foot of an average woguy has increased by even more than a dimension, according to an article in Time. This is mainly caused by enhanced access to high-calorie foodstuffs in the time of childhood, once we are still occurring. An average woguy wore a dimension 3.5–4 in the beginning of the 20th century, and a 5.5 in the 1940s. In the ‘70s, the average size was 7.5—a complete dimension smaller sized than it is now.

This boost in the dimension of women’s feet has actually additionally been noticed in other countries such as the UK.

Tragically, having actually to buy shoes in a big size has brought about many type of woguys such embarrassment that they buy shoes that are also tiny, leading to foot pain and also perhaps worse complications over time, such as headaches and ago pain. Often, the shoes in larger sizes carry out not look as stylish and also provide womales fewer choices once it pertains to fashion.

Worse yet, many type of shoe stores still execute not even carry shoes that are large enough for what is coming to be the majority of the female population, bring about difficulties and also even more embarrassment as soon as women need to unique order shoes that actually fit. The problem is that stores cannot send ago what they carry out not market, so many still refusage to buy bigger shoes, even though the demand for those sizes is flourishing even more and also even more over time.

A Word from Love at First Fit

If your feet autumn outside of the range of what you would take into consideration “normal,” perform not problem. As the years go by, feet are acquiring bigger and also bigger, and also thus, the most popular sneaker sizes are additionally prospering bigger and bigger. If your feet are not in the average variety right now, they are bound to be inevitably.

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What is more important is having shoes that fit well and also execute not reason you pain. By measuring your feet accurately and being functional sufficient to readjust that number based on the style of sneaker and what feels comfortable to you, you will discover precisely the ideal sneaker size for your individual requirements.