Fans in the front row at ACL in 2012. This year, masks will certainly be compelled in locations closest to the steras.
You have proof of being totally vaccinated or experimentation negative for COVID-19 within the last 72 hours, and you"re all set to converge on Zilker Park through hundreds of others established to reap the first Austin City Limits Music Festival because the pandemic.

Now you just must acquire tbelow. Possibly in the rain.

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Roads roughly Zilker Park will certainly be closed. Traffic will certainly be heavy, especially in the evenings. Some Capital Metro paths will be detoured.

The city states no parking will be allowed at Zilker Park or the surrounding areas, so right here are some various other ways to gain to the festival grounds.

Take A Free Shuttle Bus

ACL is running a shuttle bus from downtown Austin to Zilker Park. The pickup suggest is close to Republic Square Park at the UNITED STATE Courthome on West Fourth Street close to San Antonio Street. Shuttles start at noon on Fridays and also 11 a.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

You have to present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test as you board. Riders should wear masks on the bus.


Austin City Limits
ACL shuttle organization starts at noon on Fridays and 11 a.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

Ride Capital Metro For Free

Bsupplies and also trains are free the whole month of October. Cap Metro is waiving fares to generate goodwill certainly after a driver shortage resulted in subtypical organization.

You can either take a bus to the shuttle pickup point downtvery own or attempt to acquire dropped off closer to Zilker Park and also walk. Capital Metro"s Trip Planner will help you create a path or simply take a look at the system map. Google Maps will tell you wbelow to catch the bus if you ask for directions and choose transit (the little train icon) as your "take a trip mode."


Capital Metro
This part of Capital Metro's system map shows which bprovides will certainly gain you cshed to Zilker Park or the shuttle pick-up close to Republic Square Park.
Routes 3, 4, 30 and also 803 will certainly obtain you within walking distance of Zilker Park. Keep in mind that the transit firm is still handling a shortage of employees also after reducing frequency on some courses. If you use the Capital Metro app, you should get a much better principle of when the next bus will certainly arrive.

Ride A Bicycle Or Scooter

ACL will have actually a dedicated bicycle parking station on Stratford Drive simply eastern of MoPac. Two even more bicycle and also scooter parking stations will be east of the festival grounds, one on Toomey Road east of Sterzing Street and an additional on Azie Morton Roadway. From both of those areas, you have the right to walk up to Barton Springs Roadway and cross Barton Creek.

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Austin City Limits Music Festival
A map of the festival grounds and miscellaneous transportation options surrounding
If you decide to rent a MetroBike (not totally free in October, even though other Cap Metro solutions are), you have the right to drop if off at among numerous nearby MetroBike stations close to Zilker Park. The location at Barton Springs Road and Sterzing Street will have a "MetroBike valet," ensuring you"ll have actually a place to dock the bike you rented.

This MetroBike area at Barton Springs Road and Sterzing Street will certainly have a "valet" business, ensuring you deserve to drop-off a MetroBike below on your means to ACL.

Take A Taxi Or Rideshare

Open your app and also set the destination to "Austin City Limits Music Festival" or "Zilker Park," and also your driver need to be routed to among a number of designated drop-off points. To capture a ride out of the festival, you"ll need to walk out of the general vicinity. The City of Austin states you"ll must cross either Lady Bird Lake, South Lamar Boulevard or the MoPac frontage road prior to you have the right to repursuit a ride.

Taxis are expected to pick up and also drop off passengers at William Barton Drive in front of the Barton Springs Pool. The taxi drop-off suggest is a tiny closer to the entrance gateways than the rideshare drop-off.

Keep in mind that demand also for rides spikes after the festival lets out and so does surge pricing. If you really have to take an Uber, Lyft or taxi and also time or money is a consideration, you could consider ducking out a little bit early to reduce your odds of a long wait.


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